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SNV Indonesia: GAP Master Trainer


GAP Master Trainers SNV

A. Background

SNV is a partner in the Kemitraan Kesejatheraan Hijau (KeHIJAU) Berbak
Partnership - Green Prosperity Project that is funded by the Millennium
Challenge Account-Indonesia. The goal of KeHIJAU Berbak and Muaro Jambi is
to increase household incomes and reduce GHG emissions from deforestation
and peatland degradation through inclusive low carbon economic growth in the
Berbak landscape and priority palm oil areas in Muaro Jambi. SNV is
particularly engaged in supporting Component 3: Private Sector Commitment
and Action 

The private sector component aims to ensure that companies operating in the
landscape understand the sustainability context and apply relevant policies
and practices. This will be achieved by four outputs: (i) Sustainability
assessment of oil palm and HPH concessions on peatland, (ii) Incentivizing
palm oil mills and timber concessions to adopt sustainability standards,
(iii) Regular audits of company performance by local NGOs working in
partnership with government and private sector, and (iv) The use of Palm Oil
Mill Effluent (POME) for renewable energy.

SNV is looking for a consultant that could support the project team in two
specific areas: 

* Setting up the infrastructure required to manage and implement the
project on scope, on time, on budget and delivering outcomes fulfilling
donor requirements;

* Revises and simplifies the training products developed for palm
oil and rubber producers; 

B. Activities and deliverables

In order to avoid agricultural expansion into forest areas, systematic
change in the production systems has to be induced. In order to provide
assistance and incentives to smallholders to make a transition to more
sustainable production systems, SNV has developed a Better Management
Practices training programme. The programme focuses on strengthening
smallholder knowledge and capacity to increase yields and incomes while
creating awareness on important ecosystem services and functions and
guidance on minimizing negative environmental impacts. Participants receive
training on agronomy, institutional development, internal control systems,
environmental management and optimizing use of agricultural waste for energy
production. We strive to enhance farmer awareness about their environmental
impact and the value of ecosystem services 

To maximize efficiency and impact of trainings on GAP and environmental
awareness, we work through cooperatives or farmer groups. Organising
smallholders in groups is essential to have impact and create economies of
scale and facilitate collaboration between smallholders and companies
further downstream. It also enables more effective communication on standard
operating procedures and allows to work towards group certification. 

The consultants will work with the SNV team to developed a training package
for smallholder cooperatives with a focus on implementation Internal Control

The consultant will carry out the following activities and deliver the below
services and products to the team:

C. Activities

* Review existing materials SNV

* Propose training program outline

* Develop training program building on SNV existing materials

D. Deliverables 

Training program for cooperative development for palm oil smallholders in
line with the HIT approach

E. Candidate profile

* Relevant tertiary degree; 
* Ability to coordinate with the private sector, government and local
* Excellent communication skills 
* Understanding of the palm oil sector is an advantage 

F. Timing & Duty station 

The assignment will be of a total of 125 days starting from 1st March and
ending in May 2016. Out of the total assignment a maximum of 93 days will be
spend in the field. 

G. Reporting

The consultant will directly report to the Project Manager Palm Oil

H. How to Apply

* Application opened until 26 February 2016 at the latest 
* CV and resume shall only be sent to
<> with email subject "GAP Master Trainer"
* Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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