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Advertisement CARE International Indonesia in Kupang (East Nusa Tenggara-NTT) : MOBILE-BASED and WEB-BASED APPLICATION DEVELOPER (CONSULTANT)

CARE International Indonesia (CII), as an international NGO, has carried out large scale operations in Indonesia, encompassing emergency operations, transitional activities centered on agriculture and nutrition and a range of development initiatives in such areas as water and sanitation, health and enterprise & economic development.

CARE International Indonesia in Kupang (East Nusa Tenggara) is currently recruiting the following position for its project:



The capacity building program and its activities rely on variety of well-designed and effective IEC materials to ensure the knowledge sharing and transfer process succeed. Today, some electronic media and communication devices can be IEC-focused as well. Radio, television, website and social media that disseminate information – whether as a straight forward explanation or in the form of stories – are also called IEC materials.

The success and impact of IEC materials depends largely on the understanding of the target audience. Working with target audience throughout the development of IEC materials, and in developing usage strategies for those materials, helps ensure that IEC materials meet the needs of the intended target audience.

Particularly in ADVANCE Project, CARE International Indonesia will not only provide ‘traditional’ IEC materials but also try to come up with website-based media as well as a new innovation by providing mobile-based communication and information media. As we might aware, currently more people prefer to access the websites when they seek some information rather than read a book. They opined web-based media, including social media are more easy-to-use and accessible. Those typical persons spend at least four hours per day in cyberspace and only about an hour a day to read newspaper or any printing materials.

In some discussions with ADVANCE Project beneficiaries, some farmers said that they access website through their smart phones and stated that they spend more time using mobile app than a website, since apps are installed on smart phone and they are always accessible, even if there is no internet connection available. For instance, our assisted farmers are facebook app regular users but not familiar with its website. They know how to update the status but do not aware it has specific page for group and business.

As part of the strategy to enhance knowledge sharing, ADVANCE Project plans to provide IEC material in both platforms, web-based and mobile-based. Those platforms not only prepared for our project beneficiaries but also for wider users such as potential buyers and suppliers of piggery products, government and all actors in pig farm’s supply chain.


The web-based and mobile-based IEC material purposes as:
- Knowledge sharing: The time constrains due to large scale of assisted area and existence of the expert in assisted area is two main obstacles in piggery farming. Our market assessment proved that our farmers face difficulties to consult with the veterinarian and experts since most of them are based in Kupang city. However, the learning process among farmer groups is also not running frequently. Some farmers said that it is not easy to set a time to meet other farmers from another village. Previously, the project team supports the communication process among farmers and between farmers with veterinarian/experts, but as part of exit strategy this media will exchange that role.
- Effective communication: ADVANCE Project encourage its assisted farmer groups to build communication and partnership among each other as well as with other actors such as big-scale farming, buyers, suppliers, academics, civil society organizations and government. It aims to exchange information as well as look for potential market both in Kupang or neighbor districts
- News alert: both materials function as livestock’s health, product price as well as market information alerts which shall connect with other social media and website page.

Therefore, the consultant(s) shall develop and design 4 (four) media; SMS broadcast, website, facebook page and mobile-app. especially for mobile-app, it shall launch as multi-platform application which connected to other three media. The consultant(s) should give creative input to the whole development process and suggest additional features that could be appropriate for the tool. The service provider should be able to give a short training to ADVANCE Project team and provide a user-manual.

While not exhaustive, the following basic requirements for the app have been identified (the list of features will be expanded based on findings in the field):
- The mobile platform should be accessible on multiple platform;
- A content management system which displayed existing sources (automatically updated), and enable the appointed experts and project staff to upload, update and tag new content display multimedia content;
- Features such as notification system, specification for marketing purpose;
- The mobile platform should enable farmers to collaborate and gather knowledge with experts, buyers, government and other related stakeholders;
- Focus on simplicity, great performance and attractive design.

The key audience of these IEC materials is the assisted farmer groups as both web-based and mobile-based media would support them in understanding and updating the information of piggery farming, including its market, knowledge, awareness and trends. However, media will also be aimed primarily at multiple stakeholders like decision makers and important stakeholders specifically for local government, as information for them to identify the farmer’s need.

Shortly, the consultant(s) shall develop and design a multi-platform IEC material focused on knowledge and information exchange. It will also provide additional material such as modules, e-books and or any reading materials in piggery farming.

In detail, the process and related tasks will be as follow:
- The ADVANCE Project team will meet the consultant(s) for a preparation/pre-production meeting to fine tune the features of the application and agree on a detailed production schedule
- The selected consultant(s) is expected to give creative input, provide examples of existing applications that could be relevant for us and show different technical possibilities.
- The consultant(s) will work in close contact with the graphic design consultant(s) who are in charge of the printing IEC material to ensure the project’s visual identity. All content-related matters will be coordinated with the ADVANCE Project’s marketing and communication specialist.
- The information collected and analyzed is subject to a data privacy clause. Upon delivery of the photo materials, all records shall pass into the exclusive ownership of the CARE International Indonesia - ADVANCE Project, including all use and distribution rights connected to this.

The consultant(s) expected to deliver:
- The IECT materials should be made available in both web-based and mobile-based platforms. For the mobile-based platform, it is including option data sources, API and design requirements.
- The consultant(s) should also make a CMS-system available to the ADVANCE Project team so that they can manage the content of the application. This also involves a training and manual.
- Creation of wireframes and detailed description of app features and user interface, including interface for display of donor and project data, featured stories, country information, and other multimedia (video, audio, images, interactive maps, etc.);
- Development of the design (at least 3 options to be submitted for review);
- Wireframes and design submitted for review and approval to the ADVANCE Project Team followed by update based on feedback;
- Review and approval of the Alpha App design and functionalities by ADVANCE Project team
- Quality, security and performance testing and fix
- Full implementation and delivery of the features and design of the app (Beta version)
- Finalization, including final quality testing and approval
- Support for the application process and launch of the materials
- Link to social: like, share or download (at least Twitter, Facebook and others available on users’ mobile phone)

The consultant(s) is expected to start no later the 21 March 2016.

Provisional timetable:
- Preparation meeting with ADVANCE team (4th week of March 2016);
- Development of a detailed concept (5th week of March – 1st week of April 2016);
- Material’s development, designing, revision and feedback process (2nd week of April – 2nd week of May 2016);
- Launch of the web-based IEC materials (4th week of May 2016);
- Launch of the mobile-based application (2nd week of June 2016);
- The consultant(s) should be available at least 3 months after the launching for possible consulting or helpline services.


Profile of the consultant(s) should:
- be able to give creative input to the development of the IEC Materials;
- be able to program the mobile application in both web-based and mobile-based platforms;
- be able to host the data of the mobile application;
- have a proven record of applications on the market in both web-based and mobile-based;
- The company should have a team of experts that include technology experts and coders, content management and social media experts, mobile platform innovation experts;
- The team leader should have at least 5 years of relevant experience in IEC material designing and innovations experience.


Interested applicant must submit the Consultant‘s Curriculum Vitae (CV) personal or of team members, proposal (incl. budget indication) and timeframe.

Please submit your applications before Thursday March 17, 2016 to CARE International Indonesia, Human Resources Unit:
"Only qualified applicants will be shortlisted"

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