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Marketing Tools Graphic Designer

Terms of Reference

Assignment: Development of Marketing Tools for Water and Sanitation Loan Product
Type: Individual or Firm
Deadline for Applications: March 16, 2016

Background:  About is a U.S.-based, non-governmental organization working to increaseaccess to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Through the WaterCredit program, partners with financial institutions, especially microfinance institutions (MFIs), to develop loan products to finance construction of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities for low income households.[1] Since2003, has implemented WaterCredit programs with 52 partner financialinstitutions in 9 countries, facilitating over 573,000 WASH loans totaling overUS$120 million. has offices in five countries and works in Latin America, Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia. launched WaterCredit in the Indonesia in 2014 and established partnerships with several microfinance institutions to launch WASH microfinance and increase access to WASH in Indonesia.

About Microfin

Microfin was established in 2004 focusing in developing Sharia Microfinance Institutions (Sharia MFIs) and empowering Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  Through developing Sharia MFIs, connecting quality of networking and providing program assistance, Microfin optimizes the Sharia MFI and MSMEs industry. Currently, Microfin serves a network of 2,000 Sharia MFIs (known asBaitul Mal wat Tamwil or BMTs) across 33 of the 34 provinces of Indonesia. 
Working together, and Microfin will build the capacity of these BMTs to deliver water and sanitation financing to thousands of underserved Indonesian households, enabling investment in WASH facilities such as piped water connections, wells, water tanks, toilets, and septic tanks.
Over a three-year partnership, will work with Microfin to enable an estimated 75 BMTs to provide affordable WASH financial products to low-income households and communities. will simultaneously build Microfin’s capacity to continue to provide WaterCredit support to BMTs.  Technical support includes the areas of product development, staff training, marketing and borrower education, toilet mason training, and program monitoring and evaluation.
While training will be delivered to staff and toilet masons and by a third party, there is a need to organize and design additional resources to serve as a reference for Microfin and BMT management about water and sanitation loan product and types of improvements.
Assignment Summary seeks a consultant to support the Microfin program by developing practical WASH Marketing Tools for use by Microfin and BMT staff. The Tools will contain essential information about WASH products, design and cost of WASH facilities, samples of loan product policies and procedures to deliver to BMT clients on hygiene and WASH facility improvements. The Tools will ensure adequate and consistent information about WASH and BMTs’ WASH loan product.  The Tools will be used by Microfin team, BMT management, branch managers, loan officers and all other staff. 
The Marketing Tools will:
·         Contain technical information presented in a simple manner for the general public, primarily uneducated audience.
·         Be designed for practicality and ease-of-use by busy loan officers; will not be a long narrative document with lengthy prose.
·         Primarily consist of pictures, diagrams and essential information; will use a very limited amount of text.
·         Be prepared in English and Bahasa.
·         Be printed on laminated paper or material to ensure durability for field use.  (Note: the work of printing the Materials will be done by the Consultant)
Scope of Work
The Consultant will collect and organize the relevant information and design the Materials for delivery to and Microfin in electronic and physical format.  
Tools should include the following content:
Type of Document
WASH Training Manual
Manual to be used for MFI internal staff about basic water and sanitation knowledge in Indonesia and product features, which include:
·         Section 1 – WASH Access in Indonesia
·         Section 2 – Basics of Hygiene and Sanitation
·         Section 3 – Piped Water Service Providers
·         Section 4 – Non-networked Water Sources
·         Section 5 – Sanitary Toilet Systems
·         Section 6 – BMT Loan Policies and Procedures
Samples of Product Marketing Materials
Used by loan officers to market the product to clients, which include information on:
MFI company profile, lending method, loan size, types of facilities, loan requirements
-Customer brochure
WASH Maintenance Materials
Circulated to WASH borrowers to educate about proper maintenance for water and sanitation facilities
- Games for children
Hygiene Education Materials
To trigger BMT internal staff and potential clients about the use of safe water and sanitation for household
- Poster
- Brochure
Toilet Specifications
Improve the look of existing several toilet designs, including construction details and materials
Monitoring Checklist
Design two versions of a monitoring checklist  - one for BMT staff and one for customers
Document will provide some documents to the Consultant that will contain information to be included in the Tools. 
Options for printing using laminated paper or material shall be presented by the Consultant given that this material ensures durability for field use.
The paper options and the estimated cost of printing for some of these materials shall be presented also by the Consultant. 
There shall be a pre-test of the Tools near the finalization stage to gather actual user feedback regarding the degree of user-friendliness of the Tools.
The Consultant may also recommend additional information beyond that outlined above, if the Consultant deems it necessary to achieve the stated purpose of the Tools.
The expected timeline for the project is as follows:
Signing of Consultancy Contract
March 18, 2016
Stakeholder Meetings, Collection and Organization of Content
March 21-25, 2016
Visit to 1 or 2 BMTs
March 21-25, 2016
Submission of First Draft of materials
March 28, 2016
Meeting to discuss the First Draft with Microfin and team
March 28/29, 2016
Submission of Second Draft
April 1, 2016
Meeting to discuss the Second Draft
April 4, 2016
Pre-test/feedback from BMTs using third draft of materials
April 11-15, 2016
Meeting to discuss the comments and feedback gathered from Pretest and from the Pilot evaluation workshop (to incorporate the lessons learned and outcomes from the pilot)
April 18, 2016
Submission of Fourth  or semi-final Draft
April 22, 2016
Submission of the Final Draft (after all final comments have been received from Microfin and
April 29, 2016
Note:  The final draft includes all the colored artwork, and ready for printing.
Further to the schedule above, the following activities shall be implemented:
1)          The Consultant shall hold schedule meetings with, Microfin, and BMTs to present drafts and gather comments and feedbacks.
2) shall provide some technical materials or information to the Consultant, to provide the necessary technical inputs, but the Consultant is free to obtain additional inputs from resources that he has access to.
3)          The 1st draft shall be reviewed by team; and the Consultant shall make a presentation and get their feedback or suggestions. 
4)           The 2nd draft shall be reviewed by and Microfin team and the Consultant shall make a presentation to this audience and get their feedback. 
5)          The results of the Pre-test shall be considered in refining the last and final draft of the Tools.
6)          The contents of Chapter 6 of the WASH Manual will be developed by team but the Consultant shall help in lay-outing, design, and formatting, including the additional of graphics if needed.  A Preface shall be supplied too by
A proposed budget shall be included with Consultant’s submission, and the final budget approved shall be fixed and not subject to negotiation. All taxes should be included in the budget.  All amounts shall be presented in USD.
The payment terms shall be: 50% at the time of signing of the Consultancy Agreement and 50% upon the final acceptance by of the final draft of the Tools.
Required Qualifications and Experience
Applicants may be individuals, groups of individuals with a designated team lead, or firms. Applicants must have at a minimum the following qualifications:
1.      Familiarity with basic concepts in water, sanitation and hygiene; the Consultant should be able to do research and provide relevant information for the materials she/he will develop.
2.      The Consultant should be a self-starter and should creatively think of the best graphics, lay-out and design for each of the materials described above
3.       Experience designing relevant communication materials; with a demonstrated record of developing brochures, IEC materials or manuals (must show to some of her/his works or creations from past engagements)
4.       Critical thinking, creativity, good judgment, initiative, attention to detail, sense of professionalism, and timely delivery of outputs
5.       Experience with microfinance institutions preferred
Submission of Proposals
Proposals should be submitted to Kiki Tazkiyah, WaterCredit Officer and no later than March 16, 2016 noting “Marketing Tools Graphic Designer” in the subject line. Proposals submitted after this date will not be considered.

[1] Commonly financed facilities include toilets, septic tanks, water tanks, water connections, and wells.

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