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Request For Proposals (RFP) : No. (Req.-Jakarta-0394) : “Event Organizer for IUWASH National Close Out Event”

DAI, the implementer of the “USAID Indonesia Urban Water Sanitation and Hygiene (IUWASH)”, invites qualified offerors to submit proposals to supply and Event Organizer for National Office Close Out Event” in support of program implementation.

A.  Background
IUWASH (Indonesia Urban Water Sanitation and Hygiene) is a 5-year program to develop the water,sanitation and hygiene sector for Indonesian urban, funded by the U.S. Agency for InternationalDevelopment (USAID). IUWASH seeks to help the Government of Indonesia in order to achieve theMillennium Development Goals through the expansion of access to clean water and safe sanitationservices. Expanding access to water and sanitation services to the urban poor in Indonesia, especiallythose currently having very limited access to both services is the main goal IUWASH.  The expected results are: (a) 2,4 million people living in urban areas will have access to safe drinking water services, (b) 250.000 people living in urban areas can gain access to improved sanitation services, and (c) the cost per unit to obtain water by the low income groups can be decreased by at least 20%. To achieve the above, assistance provided by the project is divided under three main technical components, including: 
1.     Mobilizing demand for water supply and sanitation service delivery; 
2.     Improving and expanding capacity for water and sanitation service delivery; and
3.     Strengthening policy and the financial enabling environment.

Since 2011, IUWASH has operated in 5 main regionals and one national office. IUWASH national team was working with the key national partners to support the program implementation at regional levels. Reaching the final year of IUWASH, a series of close-out events have been conducted at regional level.  A culmination close out event is prepared to celebrate the success of partnership between IUWASH and other partners at national level. This event will bring the representatives of IUWASH Partners at regional level as well as IUWASH partners at national level to share the final achievements. This event will mark the ending of IUWASH Program and open the new chapter of follow on program of IUWASH. The national event will be conducted through an innovative session that will be able to track full attention of audience to the event agenda. In the same time, the audience will get the message of the event. The messages include several aspects as follow:
·         The success of IUWASH program. This aspect will be shown at least through the testimonies from IUWASH partners and display on several facts of IUWASH achievements and other information.
·         The concern of USAID Indonesia to support the Government of Indonesia to achieve the Universal Access of Water Supply and Sanitation in 2019. This aspect can be shown through statements and participation by the IUWASH National key partners.
·         Launching the new chapter of follow on IUWASH Program by USAID Indonesia and representative of Government of Indonesia. This aspect will show strong commitment of both institutions to continue the valued partnership to improve the water supply and sanitation sectors.

The Event Organizer will assist the National team committee on providing the service to design and implement the final workshop of IUWASH Close out.  The national close out event will achieve several objectives as follow:
·         To raise awareness of audience on the results of several IUWASH program initiatives to improve water supply and sanitation sector in order to contribute on achieving the Universal Access of Water Supply and Sanitation in 2019.
·         To share and celebrate the successes of IUWASH program by involving full participation of IUWASH partners in the event.
·         To hand-over the IUWASH legacies to the National Government to support the program sustainability in term of maintaining the results and replication for further implementation.
·         To launch the new chapter of follow on IUWASH Program by USAID Indonesia and representative of Government of Indonesia as part of continued strong partnership between USAID Indonesia and the Government of Indonesia.

For those mentioned purpose, IUWASH inviting you to submit proposal, detail schedule, Scope of Work etc, please find :

Thank you very much for your kind attention

Sincerely yours,
IUWASH Procurement

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