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Vacancy Announcement : Consultant for Technical Assistance to the Revitalization of UKS and WASH in Schools Initiatives of the Ministry of Education and Culture

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Technical Assistance to the Revitalization of UKS and WASH in Schools Initiatives of the Ministry of Education and Culture
A. Background

The Regional Fit for School Program is based on the principles of the award-winning Fit for School Approach, which has been developed in the Philippines with support of the German International Cooperation. The approach focuses on intersectoral collaboration between health, education, water and sanitation sector and makes use of the existing structures of the education sector to institutionalize evidence based preventive measures like hand-washing with soap and tooth-brushing as part of daily routines in public elementary schools. It also includes the improvement of water and sanitation facilities, specifically group hand-washing stations and thus support schools to become health-promoting, learning, and living environments. The Program has recently entered its second phase, starting from December 2015 until November 2018. While the activities during the 1st program phase (2011-2015) focused on the development of implementation models and templates, technical assistance in the 2nd phase will support government-led scale-up of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) in schools in Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao PDR, and the Philippines.

The Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC) has expressed its intention to revitalize its School Health Initiative (UKS) through better inter-ministerial coordination an enhanced incentive system for performance.  Furthermore, it is interested in promoting the school community manual developed during the first phase of the Fit for School Program as a standard national reference for implementing school health programs.

B. Objective

The objective of this assignment is to facilitate the integration of the Fit for School Approach and its interventions into the UKS and WASH in Schools revitalization efforts of the MOEC.

C. Suggested Methodology

The suggested methodology for the assignment involves, but is not limited to, the following:
·         As expert, provide technical inputs to the MOEC’s UKS/WASH in Schools revitalization strategy and facilitate the integration of Fit for School templates and models into the revitalization effort.
·         Provide technical inputs on how to strengthen UKS coordination both at the national and subnational levels.
·         Propose areas in national policies and programs under which the GIZ Regional Fit for School Program may be aligned and harmonized.
·         Support the development of an integrated monitoring system and an improved incentive structure for ensuring UKS/WASH in Schools implementation quality based on the 3-Star Approach to WASH in Schools.
·         Support the organizing committee of the upcoming 2016 WASH in Schools International Learning Exchange to facilitate nationwide adoption of the Fit for School Approach and the 3-Star Approach to WASH in Schools.
·         Facilitate the signing of a Cooperation Agreement between the GIZ and the MoEC.
·         Hold meetings with the concerned agencies to determine areas for collaboration and alignment of program activities.
·         Promote and establish strategic alliances between the program and key WASH in Schools stakeholders.

D. Expected Outputs

The Consultant is expected to deliver the following:

1.    Finalized draft Cooperation Agreement between GIZ and the MOEC in the thematic area of WASH in Schools.
2.    A situational analysis of UKS Coordination at the subnational level as input to strengthening UKS Coordination at the national level.
3.    Expert opinion and technical inputs have been provided on relevant issues and challenges in the UKS/WASH in Schools revitalization, in the perspective of the Fit for School activities and plans in the Indonesia, and as a sounding board and adviser for program staff, consultants, and partners.

E. Implementation Arrangement

a)    Responsibilities of the Consultant: The Consultant shall accomplish the assignment in close coordination and collaboration with the Regional Fit for School Team in Manila as well as the GIZ Country Team in Indonesia.
b)    Responsibilities of GIZ-Fit for School: The GIZ-Fit for School program Principal Advisor and the Regional Program Coordinator will supervise the management and will deliver all detailed information requested concerning the technical aspects of the assignment.
F.  Desired Qualification of the Contracted Agent
·         Postgraduate university degree on Organizational Development or Management Studies
·         At least 8 years experience working within the Education Ministry in Indonesia at the national level
·         At least five (5) years of professional experience in facilitating international cooperation processes between and/or within the MOEC
·         At least 3 years experience working on issues related to the UKS School Health Initiative
·         Experience working as an international consultant
·         Intercultural Competence
·         Working knowledge of modern telecommunication systems, IT-know-how (MSOffice, database program, internet-based teaching and learning technologies, etc.)
·         Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia
G. Place of Assignment

Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia (other site visits may be requested by the main partner)

H. Contract Duration

The total estimated duration of the consultancy will be up to 80 days in the period of 7 April 2016 to 30 March 2017.

The details of the assignment will be further discussed and agreed by the two parties.
Kindly send your comprehensive resume and daily fee to with CA-FFS code as email subject by 01 April 2016.

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