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vacant position: Bio slurry Market Assessment - Government Consultant (1 position)


Yayasan Rumah Energi received funding from MCA-I through Partnership with HIVOS to implement GADING Project in four provinces (West Java, Central Java, NTB, and NTT). The program is designed to enhancing sustainable growth and low carbon development. Under this program, the GADING project will blend practical field experience and lab research results into accessible training modules which are disseminated  with modern (e-learning through podcasts) as well as conventional (classical and practical) teaching methods. At the same time, the GADING project supports workforce development by building capacity, including links to markets, around low-carbon innovative economic activities related to the use of bio-slurry and Lemna (a common type of duckweed).

The GADING project will build on the existing Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programme (IDBP/BIRU), which currently serves more than 16,000 biogas users. The GADING project will have the following objectives, main outcomes and main outputs:

Overall objective: To build local, provincial and national capacity to drive forward Indonesia’s nation-wide low carbon development strategy.
Specific objective: to contribute to workforce development, skills acquisition, capacity building, technical assistance, knowledge gathering and dissemination and building on a gender-sensitive and low-carbon development strategy.

The expected outcomes related to the project aim and overall objective are as follows:
  • The integrated farming and waste management systems based on the optimized use of bio-digestate and high-nutrient Lemna (duckweed) as organic fodder and fertilizer are adopted
  • The enabling environment for gender- responsive energy production with sustainable agriculture and aquaculture is established

The main project outputs are as follows :
  • Improved human skills and capacity to adopt integrated farming and waste management systems
  • Results of research on GHG reducing farming area made available
  • Enabling policy environment developed for gender responsive green growth sustainable production
  • Gold-standard certification is show-case by attaining   carbon credit derived from agriculture activities that contributed to carbon sequestration. 

Rationale of the Market Assessment
The GADING project will provide capacity building to the workforce members to obtain new skills and strengthen existing skills to increase the quality of labour, which in turn will promote economic leverage. 

The skill will be used to develop bio-slurry to become source of fertilizer, or lemna to become  a potential source of fodder, or other means for sources of income.  The skills will increase quality of labour. The capacity building will include a business start up assistance.

Technical skills will be transferred through an educational channel, based on research conducted and collaboration effort of international and national universities.

At the regional level, local government agencies, the education institutes, communities and the private sector will be consulted and involved as appropriate within the multi-stakeholder framework approach as the DBP/BIRU programme tends to use since 2009 in its successful biogas sector development endeavours.
At village level, Indonesian business entities, currently functioning as construction partner organizations (CPOs) under the BIRU program, are the key intermediaries in improving the skills of targeted 1,650 beneficiaries. The CPOs (NGOs, CVs, mason groups) would be supported and trained to organize trainings, business incentives, business networking opportunities, and demonstration plots. Gender equality will be   a key principle for all of these extension services. Increased participation by women in the labour market means increased family incomes, increased opportunities for women’s empowerment outside the household, and a likely increase in overall economic output as the number of productive workers expands.

Expected Result from the Bio-slurry Market Stakeholders Assessment – Government

The Scope of Work of the Consultant would include : 
  1. To gather information, explore and identify potential   partnership between GADING program and Government programs related to Bio-slurry production and market
  2. To establish partnership agreements between GADING program and related government department on bio-slurry production  and market  to expand bio-slurry market
The assessor  will provide comprehensive analysis on potential GADING and Government partnership to expand bio-slurry market and  facilitate the partnership  (MoU) of GADING with Government parties.    
Duration of Assessment: 1 month, start immediately
Location: Jakarta and possibly extend to provincial level
Budget : assessor /consultant to submit time frame and proposed budget
Qualification criteria :
  • Possess  a tertiary degree majoring economic, development, or others.
  • Good experience in Government liaison and networking
  • Experience in conducting survey with various tools
  • Experience working in  community development  

Applicants should send their application and CV (including three references) in pdf file to: with position code as email subject.  Applications are requested and will be proceed soonest as possible. Thereafter the position will remain open until filled and will be closed at the latest by 16 March 2016; Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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