Wednesday, March 30, 2016

WASH Coordinator_Deadline April 6, 2016

Assignment        : WASH Coordinator
Responsibility   : Daily management of WaterCredit program to ensure the workplan runs accordingly
Location               : Jakarta
Duration              : 1 year contract, with possibility of extension
Type                      : Individual
Reports to           : Bina Artha Ventura operational team

BACKGROUND is a U.S.-based, non-governmental organization working to increase access to water,sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Under WaterCredit program, provides technical support to PT. Bina Artha Ventura (BAV) to enable access for sanitation amongst low-income communities.
Bina Artha Ventura is an Indonesian Ventura company started in 2011 to deliver financial services tothe economically active low income population in a fair, transparent, efficient and sustainablemanner. The company offers uncollateralized group-loans ranging from US$ 150-300 toeconomically-active, low-income women. The target of BAV group loans are women with a dailyincome of US$ 2-6, mainly living in semi-urban and semi- rural areas. BAV’s lending approach isjoint liability group lending with no collateral requirements. As of December 2015 BAV serves over173,000 clients and seeks to reach 1,000,000 clients by 2020.
BAV clients are organized into groups of 5-7 members. Groups are organized in centers of 2-4 groups fortnightly (every two weeks) center meetings in the client residential areas are the primarypoint of contact between BAV and the clients.  Each BAV branch office has a services area radius ofapproximately 15 kilometers and serves around 100 center meetings.
Since June 2014, Bina Artha Ventura has developed and launched a loan product to financehousehold level facilities such as toilets and septic tank. Currently, BAV is planning to roll out the WASH loan product into new branches across Java.  Bina Artha Ventura seeks one WASH coordinator to support program implementation during the expansion phase.
Support and coordination of the WaterCredit program implementation
-     Coordinate with internal BAV departments such as operations, finance, MIS, marketing, senior management, branch offices, and other groups to ensure successful implementation of program activities and development of WASH loan program
-          Supervision and analysis of the monthly WASH activity reports
-          Coordinate and collaborate with WASH experts
-          Provide feedback to internal staff based on field visits and monitoring, including borrowers, loan officers, and branch managers
-          Mitigate internal risk by immediately notifying the MFI leadership, WASH experts and other team members in the event of challenges
Technical supervision, and evaluation of the WASH team, in coordination with Internal BAV and
-          Develop standard technical guidelines, documents and formats in collaboration with WASH experts
-          Develop and produce IEC materials in collaboration with the Wash Expert and based on research findings
-          Manage WASH Experts to ensure technical assistance related to WASH loan product is disseminated properly
Coordination, troubleshooting, administration, reporting and budgeting
-          Coordinate with, including regular reporting and on-going communications in a quality and timely manner
-          Ensuring that both BAV and are properly informed on any updates occurred during partnership
-          Manage upload of monthly loan data to the portal website
-          Oversee  the development and submission of monthly and quarterly reports to
-          Other tasks as requested to support the WASH loan program
·         Academic background at least bachelor degree
·         Has management and leadership skills and motivation to help the poor
·         Has working experiences in MFI operations
·         Has the ability to work in team or alone, able to achieve targets
·         Honest, responsible, creative, innovative, initiative, and professional
·         Good communication skills, both verbal and written in Bahasa and English
·         Capable of using Microsoft Office
·         Has experience in engineering, construction, WASH

Application Information

Proposals should be submitted to Kiki Tazkiyah ( and Neksi Triwidiyanti ( no later than April 6, 2016 noting “WASH Coordinator” in thesubject line.
Applications will be reviewed as they are received.

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