Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Scope of Work
Researcher and Subject Matter Expert, Indonesia 
EC-LEDS Performance Evaluation
E3 Analytics and Evaluation Project

Background Launched in 2010, EC-LEDS is a flagship program of the United States’ Global Climate Change Initiative (GCCI) and is the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) key climate change mitigation program, encompassing both Clean Energy and Sustainable Landscapes funding. The EC-LEDS program is a “whole-of-government” initiative under the joint leadership of USAID and the U.S. Department of State (DOS) designed to support partner countries’ efforts to pursue long-term, transformative development and accelerate sustainable, climate-resilient economic growth while slowing the growth of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The EC-LEDS program, which advances the international goals of the U.S. Climate Action Plan, provides targeted technical assistance and building a shared global knowledge base on low emission development strategies (LEDS). USAID’s Office of Global Climate Change (USAID/GCC) in the Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and Environment has asked the E3 Analytics and Evaluation Project, led by MSI, to design and implement a performance evaluation of the Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies (EC-LEDS). The evaluation will focus on the first five years of the program (FY2010 – FY2015) and inform future direction of the program and the development of USAID’s next five-year Global Climate Change and Development Strategy. 

Indonesia is an important focus of the evaluation of the global EC-LEDS program. Two members of the evaluation team will be traveling from the USA to Jakarta in May 2016 to collect information on the achievements of the program in Indonesia during its first five years. The evaluation team is currently seeking a citizen of Indonesia that has a high level of expertise and experience with global climate change mitigation projects in forest conservation and renewable energy to serve as a third team member. 


The evaluation team will answer the following five evaluation questions:

1) What actions have partner countries taken as a result of the EC-LEDS program? 
2) Which EC-LEDS interventions have been effective in contributing to partner countries’ low emission development? 
3) How has the “whole-of-government” approach affected the implementation of the EC-LEDS program? 
4) How has the EC-LEDS program contributed to partner countries’ engagement in international climate change mitigation efforts? 
5) How has the EC-LEDS program contributed to partner countries’ progress towards LEDS outcomes?

The Researcher (“the Associate” hereafter) will support the MSI evaluation team while in Jakarta for nine workdays from May 23 to June 1, 2016. The Indonesian evaluation team member will provide: (a) fieldwork logistics and networking support, and (b) serve as subject matter expert.


Fieldwork, in the form of country-visits to selected EC-LEDS partner country, will be conducted by teams of evaluators, subject matter experts, and local researchers.  In general, fieldwork activities include: developing thorough knowledge of EC-LEDS activities in specific countries; conducting key informant interviews with USAID Mission Offices, Department of State representatives, partner country government officials, and other stakeholders; data collection and analysis; and any follow-up interviews post-visit.


Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university
Strong knowledge of Indonesia’s strategy for low-emission development, and the Ministries and officials of the Government of Indonesia involved in the design and implementation of the strategy
Minimum five years of experience working in progressively responsible positions on global climate change projects in the sustainable landscapes and/or clean energy sectors
Experience implementing evaluations and working on evaluation teams
Experience working on USAID projects
Strong spoken and written English language skills
Ability to translate and interpret interviews in English
Full-time availability in Jakarta for the duration of the field-team’s visit, from May 23 – June 1, 2016


Under the guidance and supervision of the Team Leader and Field Team Evaluation Specialist, the Associate will:

1. Assist in conducting interviews with key informants, including officials of the Government of Indonesia responsible for working with U.S. Government partners on sustainable landscapes and clean energy programming. Interpret answers from the local language to English as needed. 
2. Prepare logistical considerations in the run-up to field visit. This includes arranging local travel, reviewing fieldwork schedules, investigating new contacts and scheduling additional interviews, as necessary.
3. Recording all data accurately (either through voice recordings or taking detailed notes), and in a manner that allows the identification of key themes and the quick reference to evidence for the evaluation report. Templates for data collection to be provided. All data should be labeled with unique identifiers to ensure organization and clarity. 
4. After interviews and review of notes and data collected, follow-up as needed.
5. Apply good practice in conducting ethical research, ensuring that respondents are aware of the purpose of the data collection exercise and have the opportunity to undertake the interview and the extent to which their feedback will remain anonymous. 
6. Identify cross-cutting themes from the data. 
7. Discuss regularly with the evaluation team the data that has been collected to identify and formulate findings, conclusions and recommendations that are based on the totality of the evidence, and that address the evaluation questions and sub-questions contained in the evaluation framework.
8. Record and document the process of data analysis with instruments designed during the evaluation design phase and updated in consultation with the evaluation team.

1. Completed EC-LEDS country-specific desk review and stakeholder mapping, in a format to be agreed with the MSI team.
2. Communicate with stakeholders using agreed upon script and evaluation research tools and methods. 
3. Interview notes for key informant interviews for which the Associate is present.
4. Clean interview data in Microsoft Excel within the confines of this Agreement’s authorized level of effort.
5. Country-Report writing as assigned by Team Leader

The Associate will be supervised by the MSI Senior Evaluation Specialist, Samuel Schueth in Jakarta. Supervision will also be provided by the Team Leader, David Callihan, in collaboration with the Project Manager, Meredith Waters. The Project Technical Director, Molly Hageboeck, will provide overall quality assurance and technical oversight.

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