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[Job Announcement] Program Officer – PDAM Financing Pilot

Job Announcement: Program Officer – PDAM Financing Pilot 

(Deadline for Applications: August 6, 2016)

About is a U.S.-based non-governmental organization working to increase access to water supply and sanitation (WSS). has been in operation since 1990, implementing sustainable and scalable WSS programs in conjunction with local partners including financial institutions, NGOs, and WSS service providers. has pioneered its WaterCredit initiative over the last several years, which works by building the capacity of carefully selected local financial institutions (FIs) to offer affordable financing for WSS facilities. is now exploring partnerships with other types of organizations (non-FIs) that can serve to increase access to WSS.

About Utilities in Indonesia

Perusahaan Daerah Air Minums (PDAMs) are public utilities responsible for providing piped water to residents in urban and peri-urban areas in Indonesia. The PDAM support agency, BPP SPAM, operates within the Ministry of Public Works to provide technical assistance to the PDAMs to improve their profitability. According to 2011 BPP SPAM data, there are 350 PDAMs operating in Indonesia, of which 50% are classified as healthy, 30% as unhealthy, and 20% as sick. PDAMs vary widely in terms of operational and financial capacity and service coverage.
There have been numerous efforts by the central government to strengthen the sector, including a debt rescheduling in 2008 and a loan guarantee and interest subsidy scheme in 2009. These efforts have had varying degrees of success but overall the sector has strengthened somewhat according to the BPP SPAM healthy, unhealthy, and sick monitoring scheme. There have also been several large programs delivered by international agencies in collaboration with the government of Indonesia including USAID’s IUWASH and AusAIDs INDII.
Over the last 7 months, partnered with 8 PDAMs in Central Java to test the PDAM strengthening pilot and develop a strategy for working with PDAMs to reach households through different financing avenues. will now launch a PDAM financing pilot program working with at least two utilities to test out the strategy. The goal is to support public utilities (PDAMs) to expand their overall coverage areas, reach a greater percentage of BOP households within their current coverage areas, and/or improve their quality of service. The financing pilot components include PDAM offering of an alternative financing installment scheme and enable individual financing from MFIs to connect new households.

Position Description seeks a highly skilled and highly motivated Program Officer – PDAM Financing Pilot to develop and manage the utilities financing pilot program.
This position will be based in Jakarta with regular travel throughout Indonesia. The Program Officer will report to the Indonesia Country Director and work closely with Portfolio Managers at the head office in the US.

Core Responsibilities

1.       PDAM Financing Pilot Program Implementation: Oversee utilities partnerships and achievement of program objectives. Key tasks include, but are not limited to:
a.       Develop and manage programs, work plans and partnership agreements between utilities and
b.      Maintain regular communications with partners; provide program management and technical support.
c.       Ensure partners are allocating adequate resources and personnel for successful project completion.
d.      Maintain regular contact with USA program managers to submit partner progress and reports any address issues impacting achievement of program deliverables.
e.      Hire consultants as necessary to provide services to and/or partner utilities. Manage any consultants contracted to provide services to utilities under the program.
f.        Document program, develop program marketing materials and case studies.
g.       Present to FIs information about opportunities for investment in utilities for potential collaborations. Develop collaborative agreements with FIs if needed.
2.       PDAM Program Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitor the utilities pilot program and coordinate with relevant stakeholders. Key tasks include, but are not limited to:
a.       Develop the pilot program report and documentation.
b.      Assist utilities in designing appropriate internal monitoring and evaluation.
c.       Conduct regular monitoring visits and develop midterm & long-term and produce reports.
3.       Advocacy: Work closely with Global Advocacy team to unlock bottlenecks/constraints of utilities receiving financing to improve water infrastructure. Key tasks include, but not limited to:
a.       Identify constraints and propose mitigates to escalate the flow of public and private capitals to utilities.
b.      Build a well reputation for of being a main player to endorse WSS financing to utilities to increase service coverage/connect low-income households and to be recognized by relevant stakeholders.
c.       Collaborate with PDAM stakeholders such as BPPSPAM, Ministry of Public Works, and Dinas PU of local government. Coordinate with national and local governments, PERPAMSI, NGOs, donors, MFIs/banks.
4.       Technical Review and Assistance: Review technical drawings and documents and assist utilities to build their capacities. Key tasks include, but not limited to:
a.       Review Detailed Engineering Design (DED) and relevant documents of new water infrastructures.
b.      Review Feasible Study and Investment Plans and link potential sources of capitals to utilities.
c.       Provide technical assistance to utilities to increase their capacities to be to implement financing installment scheme and individual financing from FIs.
5.       Utilities Financing Pipeline Development: Conduct assessment and identify strong utilities with potential to expand WSS access for their customers. Key tasks include, but are not limited to:
a.       Map and assess high-potential utilities for the second phase of the PDAM financing – scaling.
b.      Analyze the utilities capacities, project activities and assess potential to connect low-income households.
c.       Approach those identified high-potential utilities and provide necessary technical assistance to make them ready for implementing financing avenues in mid-2017.

Professional Qualifications
a.       At least five years of relevant experience with PDAM.
b.      Experience utilities financial operations especially connecting new connections to low-income households via installment scheme.
c.       Deep understanding of the landscape of PDAMs, especially the challenges and constraints on expanded services in urban areas, and financing sources for utilities to mobilize to improve water infrastructures.
d.      Experience building the capacity of PDAMs including in technical, operational, and financial.
e.      Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English required.
f.        Bachelor’s Degree in related field with demonstrated record of outstanding academic and career achievement.
g.       Project management experience and entrepreneurial mindset.
h.      Proven track record proactively identifying challenges and developing innovative solutions.
i.         Demonstrated ability to deliver results working in a small team and playing a variety of roles.
j.        Willingness to travel.
k.       Advanced Excel skills.
This is a one year contract position with strong potential for extension and competitive compensation commensurate with experience.
Application Information
Interested candidates may send a copy of their CV and a cover letter indicating their interest to:
Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Please do not attempt to contact about the status of your application. is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religious belief or sexual  orientation.

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