Sunday, August 21, 2016

Looking for consultant : Adolescent Circle in Emergency Module Development

I.              PURPOSE
This ToR will outline the responsibilities of a consultant to consolidate inputs, contextualize and finalize draft Modules in Indonesia.
The objective of this project is Adolescent girls and boys in targeted areas are empowered through innovative models for learning and skills-building
About ChildFund Indonesia
ChildFund is an International NGO that has been operating in Indonesia since 1973. It has its National Office in South Jakarta and 2 zonal offices. The first zonal office is located in Yogyakarta, Central Java whilst the second zonal office is located in Kupang, Eastern Indonesia. Engaging with communities, local and national Government and ministries in the sector of Child Protection, Education, Health, Emergency Response, Disaster Risk Reduction, Food Security, Economic Development, Gender Mainstreaming, ChildFund Indonesia directly assists 36,225 registered children through the sponsorship program. To date, 432,615 children and families have benefited from this program.
ChildFund Indonesia works in partnership with community based organizations throughout Indonesia to suppport children and youth who are Deprived, Excluded and Vulnerable (DEV) so that they can improve their lives and become young adults, parents and leaders who will bring lasting and positive change in their communities. More specifically, ChildFund Indonesia supports these children in their different life stages towards becoming:

·         Healthy and Secured Infants – Lifestage 1 (LS 1)
·         Educated and Confident Children – Lifestage 2 (LS 2)
·         Skilled and Involved Youth – Lifestage 3 (LS 3)
ChildFund Indonesia also works to promote societies whose individuals and institutions participate in valuing, protecting, and advancing the worth and rights of children.
In 2015, UNICEF and ChildFund have worked together to support the establishment of adolescent groups in 2 (two) disaster-prone areas of Kupang and Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. 141 adolescents (Boys = 56/Girls = 85, ranging from 10-22 years old) have benefitted from The Adolescent Circle, a comprehensive package to promote and enable participation in the development of local solutions to address issues before, during, and after emergencies. This is in addition to 110 adolescents in two hazard-prone areas in Jakarta who have earlier benefitted from the pilot. The East Nusa Tenggara programme is the ‘learning site’ for collaborations between UNICEF and ChildFund Indonesia, and the partnership will continue over the course of 2016-2020 under the new Country Programme, looking at specific ways to integrate specific adolescent participation components and further linkages with country-wide disaster preparedness initiatives.
II.                  SCOPE OF WORK
Under the guidance and day to day supervision of Childfund Indonesia’s Emergency and Preparedness Manager and Communication Specialist, the consultant will consolidate the inputs to finalize and contextualize draft module. Key Stakeholders Master Facilitator (PMI and MDMC), youth facilitators, adolescent who participate in adolescent circle will contribute to the development of the module. The consultant will accomplish the above mentioned objective through several activities listed below:
1.       Study draft module
2.       Study adolescent in emergency project implementation
3.       Gain input from Master Facilitator
4.       Gain input from ChildFund and UNICEF
5.       Finalize the module and design
6.       Present the result of the module to the targeted stakeholders
Task Name
# of Days
Estimated Time
Study adolescent circle activities and conduct FGDs
10 days
Sept-Oct 2016
Module sinkronization
2 days
Oct 2016
Present draft module
1 day
Oct 2016
Finalize Module and design
10 days
Oct 2016
23 days
The service is performed in Jakarta with travel to Kupang, Ende, Boyolali and Pringsewu Lampung.
The period of performance is 23 (twenty three) days, from mid August to Oct 2016.
·         Experience on module development and knowledge management.
·         Able to contextualize learning materials
·         Familiar with youth program

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