Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Vacancy for MURIA Programme Coordinator

KARINA (Caritas Indonesia) is the humanitarian arm of the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia based in East Jakarta and is officially considered as a member of the Caritas Internationalis confederation. Established in mid-2006, it recently completed its first strategic planning in early 2008. One of the results of the strategic planning is the identification of 3 (three) main divisions: Programs Division, Support Division and Total Quality Management Division. KARINA (Caritas Indonesia) acts as a coordinating and facilitating body for all the 37 Dioceses incorporated under the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia.
Scope of Work
Marunda Urban Resilience in Action (MURIA) Program Coordinator
Marunda Urban Resilience in Action (MURIA) is an urban resiliency strengthening program funded by Cordaid Netherlands and delivered by Karina KWI Yogyakarta and Bina Swadaya Konsultan since August 2015. This program is inspired by the use of Integrated Risk Management (IRM) approach which integrates Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation and Environment Management and Restoration in Partners for Resilience Program in Indonesia. The use of IRM approach was previously implemented in the rural areas in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province from 2011-2015. MURIA Program aims to bring the urban resiliency improvement in the urban spatial planning and development by fostering the engagement of the urban poor community and other stakeholders such as the Government of North Jakarta City, CSOs, private sectors and also academicians. The multi stakeholders collaboration within the established MURIA Platform towards the Marunda resiliency. Some urban resiliency program which have been delivered within one year of MURIA implementation are the Risk Proof Urban Farming, Participatory Mapping using Openstreet Map (OSM), Flood Contingency Planning Making, and Waste Management Initiative. 
MURIA needs to recruit a program coordinator to continue the program oversight in Marunda within the MURIA Platform internal  and external collaboration.
The MURIA Program Cordinator will perform the following tasks:
1.     MURIA Strategy review and further development including consultation process, monitoring and identification of growth opportunities
2.     Networking with key stakeholders (in support with BSK), explore and identify new opportunities for collaboration under the thematic areas the platform focuses upon
3.     In coordination with Karina Yogyakarta Program Coordinator, develop strategy to ensure the MURIA platform can provide enabling environment for multistakeholders cooperation to support possible PPP approach in the future
4.     Process management and associated documentation, in cooperation with other team members, this includes (and is not isolated to)
·         Maintain operational effectiveness, MURIA strategy, stakeholder engagement and contribution and community empowerment and ownership
·         Measureand manage cross-functional performanceManage process cycle and process improvement initiatives
·         Balance MURIA platform technical capability with operational costs, market demand and risk management, identification of additional actors to tackle emerging gaps and needs
·         Identify opportunities for process innovation
·         Remove technical and cultural barriers to process-focused managementMotivate thematic teams and actors to focus on results and process with emphasis on community objectives and ownership
5.     Project/proposal development in cooperation with other team members
6.     In regular arrangement with Karina Yogyakarta Program Coordinator every three weeks, provide documentation on the whole operational process and progress of MURIA program implementation to provide brief extraction as the regular update to donors and CORDAID and other related stakeholders
7.     Provide MURIA weekly update to Karina Yogyakarta Program Coordinator and support the project report making
8.     Cooperation with the arch-diocese and national Caritas in opportunities in learning and exchange
9.     Maintains good relation and regular communication/coordination to donors and other MURIA stakeholders
Type of Contract, Work Base, Contract Period and Remuneration
This position is Short Term Technical Consultant and will be based in Jakarta, Indonesia with frequent travel to Karina KWI Yogyakarta office. The contract period will be from September 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016 with a possible extension based on the funding availability. We offer you a competitive remuneration for this post.
Application, CV and contact details for 3 references should be submitted by e-mail to: karinajogja@yahoo.com at the latest August 27th, 2016.

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