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Project Assistant for Supporting Peat Restoration Agency (BRG) - Kemitraan

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Post Title:                               Project Assistant for Supporting of Peat Restoration Agency (BRG)                                   
Duration of contract:          6 months
Supervisor:                            Project Officer Support for BRG
Program & Organizational Context:
Land and forest fires in 2015, mainly in peatland bring environmental and social impacts are enormous. Not only millions of tons of carbon released into the air, but the impact affects approximately 43 million people of Indonesia and neighboring countries are affected by smoke inhalation. Various sectors such as health, education and transportation getting significant impact. Minister for Environment and Forests said losses from land and forest fires have reached $ 50 M , while the social losses reached $ 8 thousand/ha. It is nationally affecting economic growth slowed in quarter 3. The fire is also growing because of the massive destruction of peatland due to human activities and companies that utilize peatlands for plantations, farming and timber industry.
In order to accelerate the recovery and restoration of the peatland hydrological function as a result of land and forest fires in particular, systematic, purposeful, integrated and comprehensive, the President of the Republic of Indonesia has established the Peat Restoration Agency through Presidential Regulation No. 1 of 2016. This body has the task of coordinating and facilitating restoration peat in seven provinces, namely Riau, Jambi, South Sumatra, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, South Kalimantan and Papua , with a target of 2 million ha of peatland until 2020. BRG has the function among others to strengthen policy coordination and implementation of restoration of peat, socialization, education, mobilization, participation and community supports.
In 2016, BRG targeting 600,000 hectares of peat restoration in three provinces, four districts, namely Meranti Islands, Riau; Ogan Ogan Ilir and Musi Banyu Asin, South Sumatra and Pulang Pisau, Central Kalimantan). As a new institution that is structurally incomplete (there is a new head of BRG and his deputies), BRG has a very heavy task. On the one hand should be in a race to complete the restoration targets, but on the other hand also must establish the institutional (structure, culture, working mechanisms, support resources (human and financial ), and others )
Although some national and international organizations have committed to support the implementation of the BRG program, but in the early stages still necessary to support institutional building for the development of BRG to carry out their duties and functions. Kemitraan is committed to support the implementation of the BRG program and together the other parties to make sure that the peat restoration program implemented by BRG may succeed.
Under the guidance and supervision of the Program Manager SEG, the Project Assistant will responsible for maintaining relation and cooperation with The Peat Restoration Agency (BRG) to support implementation of BRG program and activities.  The Project Assistant will work closely with Project Officer of Supporting BRG, Program Manager SEG, Financial and Administration Officer SEG, Project Assistant, another Sustainable Development Governance (SDG) team.
Function and Descriptions of Tasks
The Project Assistant will provide administrative, financial and secretarial support to Kemitraan’s       team and staffs in Peat Restoration Agency.  The  person  will  provide  day‐to day  liaison  to  counterparts,  including  drafting  correspondences,  taking minutes, making travel   arrangement, drafting financial report and related tasks. He or She will assist the team in procure-ments of goods and services in accordance to goverment  regulation. The Project Assistant carries his/   her functions under the direct supervision of the   Project Officer of Supporting Peat Restoration Agency (BRG).   
Specifically the Project Assistant has the following Scope of Works: 
  • Prepare all administrative, financial and procurement related matters related to activities            specified in the FIP Phase 2 proposal and annual work plan; 
  • Monitor  project  budget  and  financial  expenditure  and  their  conformity  to  the approved     annual work plan
  • Be responsible day to day project correspondence both in Kemitraan and  Peat Restoration Agency  office
  • Arrange travels for BRG Deputy, Kemitraan staffs, consultants, prepare and arrange workshops at national and sub‐national levels; 
  • Record/ documental project operational budget (petty‐cash) and activities and submit to the BRG Project Officer for review; 
  • Conduct necessary administrative/ logistical support 
  • Perform other duties as determined by the BRG Project Officer. 
q   Knowledge  of  the  Kemitraan  regulation  and  system,  demonstrate  the  ability  to  manage project administration and maintain good and clean document records. 
q   Knowledge of government financial and administration system
q   Demonstrate effective organizational skills and ability to handle tasks in an efficient and timely manner. 
q   Good interpersonal skills and able to work in a team. 
q  Proven   experience   in   managing   and   maintaining   effective   and   communicative relationships with counterparts at national and sub‐national levels. 
Required Qualifications:
Bachelor  degree  in  business  administration,  accounting  or finance or other related area;  clear commitment to governance reform; humble in character and patient in listening to stakeholders is a must; willing to develop a good teamwork with the Partnership staff ; having a good skill in report writing, and good skill on the use of ICT. 
At  least  3  years  of  administrative  assistance  experience,  of  which  preferably;  experience in             providing assistance in project coordination  and implementation.
Computer literacy (Microsoft Office, Internet) is essential; Experience and familiar in government regulation is a plus.  Fluency in English is an additional advantage.
Please submit your application and CV at the latest by September 16, 2016

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