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Request for Proposal-Final Project Evaluation

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Request for proposal - Final Project Evaluation- “Community Treatment and Social Integration for People Who Use Drugs Living in Vulnerable Context”
Period 2014 - 2016

1. Background
Caritas PSE KAM formerly known as CORDIA Medan, assisted by the well-known local NGO YAKITA through financial support from Caritas Germany conducted assessment in 2009 and found there was a needs for a program to deal with the Drugs and HIV-Related issues in North Sumatera. In response to the need, then in 2010, Caritas PSE KAM started implementing Drugs Intervention Program in Medan with intensive assistance and accompaniment from YAKITA and Dr. Efrem Milanese, the Consultant of Caritas Germany for Drugs Intervention Program.

The Drugs Intervention Program that Caritas PSE Medan carried out through Tsunami Fund started from 2009 until 2013 and designed:
  1. To reinforce the local network to provide support for drug users and People with HIV & AIDS in the form of legal assistance, support groups, medical services, and other social services. (For example: assisting access to health insurance from the Government, medical and health support)
  2. To increase the universal access to health services, education and work opportunities for drug users and People living with HIV and AIDS.
  3. To create prevention programs for the Medan society, especially for the youth population.
  4. To increase access to addiction treatment for drug users. 
    Then, in September 2011, in collaboration with KSSY or Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Medan Diocese, Caritas PSE KAM started running Recovery Center (RC) occupying building owned by KSSY and the same time, the project continued addressing the following matters such as:
  1. Reinforcing the local network to provide support for drug users and People with HIV & AIDS in the form of legal assistance, support groups, medical services, and other social services. (For example: assisting access to health insurance from the Government, medical and health support)
  2. Increasing Universal access to health service, education and work opportunities for ex. drugs users and PLWHA
  3. Creating prevention program for Medan society, especially for youth
  4. Increasing access to addiction treatment for drugs users.

    However after 2013 the cooperation with KSSY did not continue any longer since KSSY runs its own recovery center for both male and female addicts.

    In order to maintain what have been achieved and keep the program running until Caritas PSE KAM has sufficient capacity both financial and human resource towards self-supporting, DCV (Deutscher Caritas Verband) or Caritas Germany then included this project under BMZ-(Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development Germany) – Funded. The 1st circle of the project runs for three years from January 2014 to December 2016 and 2016 is its final implementation of the 1st circle of BMZ funding scheme.

And throughout the project duration, there have been two times evaluation conducted, firstly in August 2014 conducted by Prof. Irwanto, Ph.D and his team from Research Centre of Atmajaya Jakarta. Secondly, the Mid-Term Evaluation was conducted in December 2015 by Mr.Henri Sitorus, Ph.D and team from CIRCLE INDONESIA and produced some recommendations to the project team, management of Caritas PSE Foundatioan and also to Caritas Germany.
Generally, the main purpose of this final evaluation is to assess to what extend the recommendations resulted from two evaluations and what measures have been taken internally for the improvement the project implementation. This final evaluation will also include identifying weaknesses and strengths of project team, management of Caritas PSE foundation also boards’ member of Caritas PSE Foundation to continue running Drugs Intervention in the future.
The result of this evaluation are mainly intended for internal use by Caritas PSE KAM and Caritas Germany for future improvement of the Drugs Intervention Program of Caritas PSE KAM. The recommendations from this evaluation should feed into future plan of the project
2.   Objectives of the Final Evaluation
The objectives of this Final Evaluation are as follows:
  1. To assess measures taken by Management and project team Caritas PSE to follow up the recommendations resulted from Mid-Terms Evaluation and Re-branding workshop. 
  2. To assess whether the changes of project personnel will affect to the services of the program (RC and DIC)
  3. To assess issues leading to staff changes that often occur since 2011
  4. To identify issues and challenges affecting implementation those recommendations.
  5. To assess readiness of Caritas PSE Management to continue carrying out Drugs Intervention Program.
  6. To assess support and inputs from Caritas Germany country office to the program.
3. Key Evaluation Questions
The Final Evaluation will assess the project implementation according to the evaluation standard below:
  1. What is the main focus of Caritas PSE in Drugs Intervention Program? Harm-Reduction? or Rehabilitation?
  2. Is there any mechanisms established by management of Caritas PSE for Quality Control of project implementation?
  3. Has Caritas PSE Management initiated a meeting to synergize Drugs Intervention Program with the existing divisions/units (Micro Finance Institution, Clinic, Hospital, business units etc.) under the Archdiocese of Medan?
  4. Has a concept of livelihood for economic empowerment for residents developed?
  5. Is there any Strategic Plan that include fundraising strategies developed so far? To follow up results from mid-term evaluation?
  6. Are there any progress for development of new Rehabilitation Center in Lubuk Pakam up to the end of 2016?
  7. Is there internal monitoring system to differentiate roles of board, senior leadership and inspection board to backstop project implementation?
  1. How far is the management of Caritas PSE following up recommendations resulted from re-branding workshop and from mid-term evaluation?
  2. To what extent is the effectiveness of coordination and communication between the project staff and the management of Caritas PSE for the smoothness of project implementation?
  3. How effective is the technical and administrative support given by the management of Caritas PSE to the project?
  1. What are factors and constraints that have affected project implementation including technical, managerial, organizational, and institutional during the project implementation?
  1. What are the strongest indications of the degree to which the project results are likely to be sustainable within Caritas PSE KAM Foundation?
4. Outputs
The findings and recommendations will be thoroughly discussed with project partners and Caritas Germany Indonesia. The evaluator will complete and submit a draft final report (in English and Indonesia) in both hard and soft copy at the end of the work. The key outputs of the Final Evaluation are:
  1. Submission of a draft report format containing Table of Contents for the final report for approval by Caritas PSE KAM & Caritas Germany Indonesia.
  2. The evaluators will present their key findings and recommendations to management Caritas PSE and Caritas Germany Indonesia.
  3. The final report should be logically structured, contain evidence-based findings, conclusions, lessons-learnt and recommendations, and should be free from information that is not relevant to the overall analysis. The report should respond in detail to the key evaluation questions described above. It should include a set of specific recommendations formulated for the project, and identify the necessary corrective actions required to be undertaken, who should undertake those and possible time-lines (if any).  Caritas PSE Keuskupan Agung Medan and Caritas Germany Indonesia will provide comments on the Draft Report, and the evaluator will finalize the report in view of these comments.

5. Documents to be reviewed by evaluators:
    • Project Proposal
    • Project Log frame
    • Report of Evaluation by HIV/AIDS Research Centre of Atmajaya Jakarta
    • Report of Mid-Term Evaluation by CIRCLE INDONESIA
    • Other relevant documents

    1. Evaluator
The desired evaluators must:
      1. Have at least 5 year of experiences in the field of drugs rehabilitation and intervention program and its methodology also management of Drugs Intervention Program
      2. Hold minimum bachelor degree (S1) and ideally a master degree, preferably in Psychology, Public Health and having a combination of theoretical and a practical experience in drugs rehabilitation treatment is most preferred.
      3. Have strong analytical abilities and capable of drawing recommendations from data collected.
      4. Be skillful in quantitative and qualitative evaluation   

        Organization or individual who is interested, kindly send proposal containing:
        • CV
        • Work plan
        • Methodology
        • Experiences
        • Budget
        • Composition of Team
        • Relevant Portfolio

b. Methodology
This final evaluation will done by conducting interview with the project team and ex. Staff and project managers, management of Caritas PSE and with board of Caritas PSE foundation. The evaluator is expected to interview:
      • Ex. staff of the project (Drugs Addiction Counselors and former Project Manager)
      • One of KSSY’s representative who has ever engaged in the program in 2011
      • Project Personnel (Counselors and administrative staff)
      • One of divisions within the Foundation of Caritas PSE
      • Management of Caritas PSE (Director and head of the foundation)
      • Board Member of Caritas PSE Foundation
      • Representative of KAM (Catholic Archdiocese of Medan) 
c. Reporting Structure
The final report should contain and be developed according to the structure below:
      • Executive Summary
      • Background
      • Objective
      • Methodology
      • Findings and Analysis
      • Conclusions, lesson-learnt and Recommendations
      • Annexes
d. Budget
The budget that is allocated for the evaluators are as follows:
      • Consultation fee
      • Local transport of consultant presentation meeting will be handled by Caritas PSE KAM  
e. Logistical Support
Caritas PSE Medan will handle logistical need such as transportation from office to the field, accommodation, flight tickets, list of contacts persons to be interviewed, meeting arrangement with board of Caritas PSE foundation boards and representative of Catholic Archdiocese of Medan (Keuskupan Agung Medan). 
f. Duration and Deadline
The duration of contract will be for 10 days starting from 7 to 16 November 2016 and will be divided into two parts of work (administrative and field work) with following details:

Description of Activity
7 November 2016
Signing Contract with the evaluator
The contract will signed by tripartite between Caritas PSE, DCV and the selected evaluator
The evaluator submits evaluation plan

8 - 10 November
The evaluators conduct field evaluation
The evaluators review related documents

11 November 2016
The evaluator submits 1st draft of the report
Through presentation that will be attended by DCV
15 November 2016
The evaluator submits final report in two languages (Electronic and Hard Copy Versions)
All comments and inputs given during the presentation must be incorporated in the final report
Final Payment upon final approval of report

6. Closing
Project Evaluation is one of organization strategy to improve quality of human resources and increasing capacity of organization in providing services for drug addiction treatment and people living with HIV/AIDs. This evaluation is expected to provide information for all project team to reflect what progress has been achieved, where areas still need to be improved, challenges, and opportunity for better improvement in the future.
The evaluator will deliver the following result in Bahasa Indonesia and English.
Documents should be submitted electronically by October 15th  at the latest to with Evaluator for Final Project Evaluation Period 2014-2016 as the subject to your email. For any futher information and queries please email to


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