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Call for Proposal: Communication/Media Expert

Position Title


Communication/Media Expert

Type of Contract






Maximum working day


6 days

Contract Duration


01 April 2017 - 31 May 2017

Closing Date


06 March 2017

Term of Reference (ToR)

Service Provider

Strengthening Capacity of Local CSOs - Workshop #4

Voice for Change Partnership Programme

1. Introduction

SNV is an international not-for-profit development organisation, working in
38 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. SNV specializes in
supporting the resourcefulness of development actors by developing local
capacities, improving performance and services, strengthening governance
systems, helping to create access for excluded groups and by making markets
work for the poor. Our global team of advisors use their specialist sector
and change expertise in Agriculture, Renewable Energy and WASH to facilitate
sustainable change in the livelihoods of millions of people living in

2. About Voice for Change Partnership Programme

In partnership with the International Food Policy Research Institute, the
Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the Kingdom of
the Netherlands, SNV is launching in 2016 a five year programme entitled
Voice for Change Partnership. The programme will be implemented in 6
countries: Burkina-Faso, Honduras, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Indonesia. The
programme's main goal is to support progress in globally challenging topics
related to the Sustainable Development Goals, with a specific focus on
inclusion and equity issues. This goal is to be achieved by increasing Civil
Society Organisations (CSOs) capacities to participate, contribute and
influence strategic debates and policy-making processes.

The specific objectives of the Advocacy programme are determined as follows:

* Increase CSOs capacities in leadership, advocacy, utilisation of
data and evidence, sector knowledge and business development

* Improve enabling environment in terms of improved policies,
frameworks, regulations, budget allocation, services, inclusive business and
accountability/collaborative mechanisms

In Indonesia, the two topics that will be addressed through the programme
are Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Food and Nutrition Security

3. About the local CSOs targeted by Voice for Change Partnership Programme

As the result from a three step selection process, local CSOs were
identified and engaged in Voice for Change Partnership Programme. These CSOs

- PKBI West Sumatra : West Sumatra

- LP2M (Lembaga Pengkajian dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat) : West Sumatra

- Mitra Bentala : Lampung

- YKWS (Yayasan Konservasi Way Seputih) : Lampung

- Transform (Training and Facilitation For Natural Resources
Management) : Lombok

- Konsepsi (Konsorsium untuk Studi dan Pengembangan Partisipasi) :

- Ayo Indonesia : Manggarai

- YPPS (Yayasan Pengkajian Pengembangan Sosial): Flores

- Bengkel Advokasi Pemberdayaan dan Pengembangan Kampung (Bengkel
APPeK): Kupang

4. About the Capacity Development Workshop #4

The capacities of the CSOs to conduct advocacy activities in their project
locations will be strengthened through face-to-face workshops, coaching and
on the job training. A fourth workshop is to be conducted in 25-28th April
2017 in Jakarta, as part of this capacity development trajectory. The
workshop will bring together two representatives of the nine selected CSOs
in an estimated 18 participants. In addition to SNV staff, the workshop will
also have the contribution of international partner IFPRI.

5. Scope of the assignment

The Service Provider is hired to prepare, facilitate, evaluate and report
(in close coordination with SNV) the workshop thematic sessions on "Advocacy
in Practice: How to connect with media". The service provider is also
expected to provide feedback and technical guidance on the related practical
exercises that will be conducted by the CSOs during the workshop.

Expected Output from the session are as below:

* Partners understand the use of media (conventional and social
media) in the process of advocacy

* Partners understand the importance of making media aware and more
sensitive to WASH and Food and Nutrition Security issues and to be willing
to get involved in advocacy process.

* Partners understand on how to connect and attract media to
advocate relevant issue

* Partners understand how to prepare and conduct press conference
including its tips and trick to produce public opinion/press release, social
media material and interesting articles that attract media and reader

6. Responsibilities of the service provider

Following the scope of the assignment, the Service Provider will:

a. Participate in the preparatory meetings of the Workshop#4 as requested
by SNV

b. Conduct all the necessary preparations (detailed programmes, support
materials, methods and tools) to successfully deliver the training sessions
in Advocacy in Practice

c. Deliver the sessions as agreed in the ToR and workshop programme

d. Participate in the Workshop#4 evaluation meeting and contribute for
the evaluation report

e. Provide recommendations for the workshop follow up, including coaching
and on the job training needs

7. Deliverables and Level of Effort

The total number of days assigned for this assignment is 6, related with the
following deliverables

a. Participation in the preparatory meetings: half day

b. Preparation of the training sessions to be delivered in workshop#4
(detailed programmes, support materials, methods and tools): 2 days

c. Participation on designated sessions of workshop#4 and deliverance of
assigned sessions: 2,5 days

d. Participation in the evaluation meeting: half day

e. Report writing: half day

8. Duration of The Contract

This contract is from 1st April 2017 to 31 May 2017.

9. How to apply

Applicants should send application to <> by March 6th 2017 at the latest with subject:
"Workshop #4 Service Provider". Application shall attached with :

- detailed summary of related experience/track record that demonstrates
it meets the qualifications

- complete proposal (technical and financial)

## Only shortlisted will be contacted by SNV ##

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