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RFP: PRESTASI II's audio-visual report

Term of Reference (ToR)
Request for Proposal: PRESTASI II’s audio-visual report

I.                 BACKGROUND
USAID/Indonesia continued the PRESTASI I program, which provided opportunities for academic degrees and technical training to Indonesian professionals, with the award of PRESTASI II to IIEF. PRESTASI II is structured to help individuals, organizations, and institutions acquire the knowledge, skills, and capacity to support Indonesia’s on-going development and the achievement of the Mission’s development objectives. This program is funded by USAID/Indonesia’s five Development Objective Teams (Economic Growth, Education, Environment, Democratic Governance, and Health) with the specific objective of supporting the implementation of the Mission’s programmatic strategy to improve, strengthen, and increase Indonesian health systems, management of natural resources, access to and quality of education, democratic governance, and employment opportunities.
The goal of the USAID Scholarship PRESTASI II  is to improve the performance and leadership skills of Indonesian professionals, which, in turn, will help to promote development in Indonesia and the achievement of the Mission’s Development Objectives under the 2009-2014 Mission Strategic Plan. Specifically, the USAID Scholarship PRESTASI II Program provides training and technical services required to strengthen and expand the base of skilled, high-performing professionals and institutions in Indonesia’s public and private sectors.
The journey of PRESTASI II begun in year 2012 and has managed over than 173 beneficiaries. There are lots of success stories and also lesson learned that arise in the journey of PRESTASI IIIt is necessary for PRESTASI II to capture or store those stories into one audio-visual report/document. It will be presented in PRESTASI’s anniversary event.
In year 2017, PRESTASI II is entering the fifth year of life cycle project. It is the last lap of the project cycle which all activities will be completed and the project objectives will be met. One of the activity that need to be conducted in PRESTASI’s fifth year workplan is development of PRESTASI II’s audio-visual report. To conduct these activities, PRESTASI II requests for proposal (RFP) to develop and provide a service in developing PRESTASI II’s audio visual report. The Request for Proposal (RFP) is open to all eligible entities or persons (“Consultants”) who wish to response. The PRESTASI II’s audio visual report must be conducted by one entity or one person.
II.               OBJECTIVES
The objectives of PRESTASI II’s audio visual report are as follows:
·         To capture the success stories and lesson learned of PRESTASI II
·         To overview the PRESTASI II performances’ achievements
The PRESTASI II’s audio visual report have to start in early of April and completed in end of April 2017.
IV.            SCOPE OF WORK
·       Provide a permission letter to all related stakeholders for conducting video shooting in the field.
·       Liase with related stakeholder to conduct the video shooting.
·       Identify shot lists and interview questions based on the content in consultation with partner(s)
·      Generate a list of partners for filming field shoots, schedule filming, and secure all necessary permissions/media releases prior to filming
·       Prepare locations of field shoots, including, but not limited to, intervention strategies and supports to be demonstrated and key points to be discussed in interviews;
·       Provide a related stakeholders to participate in field shoots;
·       Provide studio for filming select interviews;
·       Provide camera operator and equipment to film a portion of field and studio shoots;
·       Log footage and select clips for rough cuts;
·       Provide a secure server to upload all content;
·       Provide direction during the editing process through reviewing edited and partially edited materials;
·       Provide subtitle in English (if needed) in the video; and
·       Serve as the final decision maker and approve and/or require changes on all final products
V.              WORK COVERAGE
The PRESTASI II’s audio visual report will coverage some locations as follow but not limited to:
·       USAID Indonesia office
·      Alumni #1 and stakeholders
·      Alumni #2 and stakeholders
·      Alumni #3 and stakeholders
·       Jakarta
·      Kab. Takalar, Sulawesi Selatan.
·      Kab. Lima Puluh Kota, Sumatera Barat.
·      Kota Ambon, Maluku.
VI.               DELIVERABLES
1.   PRESTASI II’s audio visual report presented in film/movie in short version (3’)
2.   PRESTASI II’s audio visual report presented in film/movie in long version (7’ – 10’)
·         Minimum have bachelor’s degree in telecommunication or video production or must have minimum of 5 years of journalistic and video development or related experiences in managing similar projects.
·         Progressively responsible experience in a professional video editing/producing environment demonstrating competence in all areas of video production.
·         Have minimum knowledge of:
Principles, methods, and theory of media communication; professional video production procedures, practices, techniques, and terminology; studio production with multi-camera shooting; cinematography; principles of analog and digital video capture; professional television production equipment operation including video cameras and recorders, audio recording equipment, file compression, video switching, character generation, graphics manipulation, lighting, and post-production equipment; advanced computer operations; intermediate level of standard software applications proficiency with an understanding of current video/photo formats, codecs, project based file management, and advanced Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Suite video editing software; proper handling and troubleshooting of broadcast quality video production and post-production equipment; safety practices related to video production.
·         Have minimum skill to:
Operate and maintain a variety of digital video cameras and video editing equipment; operate computers and relevant systems and software; creatively plan and translate abstract concepts into effective visual form; work with other technical and non-technical staff to organize and implement videotaping of instructional or other educational related projects; work with clients and talent to be comfortable in front of the camera; advise clients and staff on effective media communication practices; adapt video products to fit needs of clients and target audience; explain various principles of video to clients; develop and optimize workflow techniques to manage complex video projects effectively and efficiently; troubleshoot video product complications; lift and move equipment; perform basic repairs on video/photo equipment; research solutions and make technical decisions; communicate effectively with individuals and groups; write and speak clearly, concisely and effectively; meet deadlines and manage multiple priorities; research and remain current on the developments and applications of state of the art video production technology.

Interested candidates may submit application letter, proposal including (but not limited to) propose budget and company profile or CV/resume to by March 12, 2017 at the latest. Please notify the subject line of email with RFP: PRESTASI II’s Audio-Visual Report/Document. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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