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About Yayasan Gugah Nurani Indonesia
Yayasan Gugah Nurani Indonesia (GNI), an affiliate of Good Neighbors International, an international humanitarian development NGO in General Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC (United Nations Economic and Social Council). Yayasan Gugah Nurani Indonesia provides child education, community development, health, sanitation, and disaster relief programs in 17 CDPs (Community Development Project) and serving 12,086 children. Yayasan Gugah Nurani Indonesia has missions around the world to ensure the well-being of people in need.

Duty Station
Head Office
Position Summary
To develop Operation Department strategic plan and ensure the implementation of Operational Department  programs in each CDP to achieve Gugah Nurani Indonesia's vision, mission and strategies.
Key Responsibilities
  • Develop and direct national Operational Department strategies and planning in order to provide clear guidelines for all GNI members to achieve Operational Department's goals.
  • Lead national Operational Department program needs assessment (which may include online surveys, community workshops, etc) in order to provide comprehensive understanding of children state in Indonesia.
  • Lead and provide technical consultancy and advice to OD officers in developing OD plans and strategies in each CDP to ensure the alignment with national OD program plans and strategies.
  • Lead and coordinate the implementation and execution of program strategies and planning in both HO and CDPs to ensure the achievement of Gugah Nurani Indonesia's goals.
  • Lead and coordinate the development and implementation of long term plan to disengage (development of exit plan strategy) each community from dependency of Operational Department program of Gugah Nurani Indonesia.
  • Lead and coordinate the report development and collection for Operational Department programs to ensure the implementation of good governance.

  • S1 / Bachelor Degree; preferably Child and Family Studies, Social Developmental or other relevant studies.
  • Preferably 3+ years of relevant working experiences.
  • Preferably 2+ years of project field's working experiences
  • Ability to work independently and with the team
  • Have a good understanding about community development and project cycle management, Operational Department Program Development & Report Management
  • Good communication ability to actively interact   with community
  • Have a leadership skill and good coordination
  • Good Skill in computer use ( Ms. Office )
  • Fluent in English and Bahasa
  • W illing to be posted in any area of GNI project field office.

How To Apply
  • Please submit your Application Letter and CV in English .
  • Submit To Email :
  • Please fill the subject with this format : Position_Duty Station_Name   (Example: ODM_HO_Nurani)                                        
  • Deadline for submission of applications : 31 August 2017
Only the qualified candidate will be proceed 

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