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Oxfam - Calling Consultancy for Advocacy Researcher of Inequality in Indonesia Seafood Value Chains


OXFAM is an International Non Governmental Organization working across the
world with a vision of just a world without poverty: a world in which
people can influence decisions that affect their lives, enjoy their
rights, and assume their responsibilities as full citizens of a world in
which all human beings are valued and treated equally.
Vision for Indonesia
We envision an Indonesia where women are equal citizens and everyone can
enjoy their rights even in times of shocks and disaster.
Calling Consultant for
Advocacy Researcher of Inequality in Indonesia Seafood Value Chains


Forced labor, hunger and outrageous working conditions have been endemic
in seafood supply chains of major supermarkets around the world. Media
reports over the past years have exposed violation of human rights of
workers from Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar on fishing
vessels from Taiwan, Korea and other Asian nations. Oxfam research shows
problems are still found in several shrimp and other seafood international
supply chains of big northern supermarkets like Wal**rt, T**co , etc.
Violation of rights is not limited to workers on fishing vessels but also
affects workers on their suppliers’ aquaculture farms and processing

After the emergence of shocking cases in Indonesia like the ones
discovered in Benjina in 2015, Indonesian government has taken significant
action to address the degrading treatment of workers. However, Indonesian
NGOs, media groups and researchers have discovered in 2017 a number of
worker rights’ violations which show companies are still not complying to
Indonesian law.

Efforts to address these problems in recent years have fallen short,
because they have failed to tackle their systemic drivers. Powerful
northern retailers have dominate international food value chains to such
degree that they can keep squeezing their suppliers for more profit. As a
result women and men producing the food in Indonesia endure salary and
work conditions below legal and bearable minimums. Consequently, workers
on fishing vessels, on shrimp farms and in seafood processing in Indonesia
are often underpaid, unprotected and regularly go hungry. These
international retailers must become fully transparent and demonstrate they
use their market dominance not to create and make profit from, but root
out slavery and other workers’ rights violations in their supply chains.
Oxfam calls upon supermarkets (X, Y, Z) to move beyond due diligence in
their own supply chains, to commit to zero tolerance for worker
exploitation, driving deep systemic changes in how value is shared down
their shrimp and other food supply chains and working with governments and
their peers to see higher standards of decent work established and
enforced as a right for all.

The objective of this consultancy is to provide written paper supports for
Indonesia campaign on seafood spike policy advocacy by identifying and
providing persuasive facts, analyses, stories and pictures.
Time Line
End of August - October 2017

Skills & Qualifications

Individual with a minimum of Bachelor's degree social sciences,
international development or related disciplines.
Proven experience in research advocacy report for government, is highly
Deep understanding relating the value chain and food justice in Indonesia
and globally
Proven ability to provide comprehensive and astute contextual analysis to
knit into one paper based on several previous researches
Proven expertise to formulate extensive policy recommendation on related
issues (experience in Seafood Value Chain highly desirable)
Creative, obsessed with research & observation, data analytics and
constant product improvement through the feedback
Team work player and great collaborator with CSOs alliance to identify
bugs, issues and provide final sign off
Proven ability to effectively manage workloads and meet deadlines, be
self-disciplined and have an absolute intolerance to plagiarism (zero
A strong commitment to Gender, Diversity issues, Equal Opportunities and
capacity building
Proven experience of communicating the advocacy objectives with various
levels audiences
Ability to transform system and database information into accurate and
efficient Advocacy report
Fluent in verbal and written English and demonstrated experience
communicating in these languages with a variety of audiences

If you believe that you possess these attributes then we would be
delighted to receive your application and portfolio electronically by 13th
Aug, 2017 at the
latest to with Consultant for Advocacy Researcher of
Inequality in Indonesia Seafood Value Chain as subject of your email.

Promotes equality and diversity

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