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Expression of Interest : Consultant for Baseline & Market Survey


Baseline & Market Survey
ENERGY Project

I.          PURPOSE:

This ToR outlines the requirement of hiring external consultant who will be responsible and taking role on conducting baseline & market survey at 2 villages in cilengsi and 4 islands in Batam.


About ChildFund Indonesia

ChildFund is an International NGO that has been operating in Indonesia since 1973. It has its National Office in South Jakarta and 3 zonal offices. The program portfolio is approximately USD$4M per year. Most of these funds come primarily from child sponsorship and grants. Engaging with communities, local and national Government and ministries in the sector of Child Protection, Education, Health, Emergency Response, Disaster Risk Reduction, Food Security, Economic Development, Gender Mainstreaming, ChildFund Indonesia directly assists 36,225 children through the sponsorship program. To date, 432,615 children and families have benefited from the various programs that have been implemented.

ChildFund Indonesia works in partnership with community based organizations throughout Indonesia to suppport children and youth who are Deprived, Excluded and Vulnerable (DEV) so that they can improve their lives and become young adults, parents and leaders who will bring lasting and positive change in their communities. More specifically, ChildFund Indonesia supports these children in their different life stages towards becoming:

·         Healthy and Secured Infants – Lifestage 1 (LS 1)
·         Educated and Confident Children – Lifestage 2 (LS 2)
·         Skilled and Involved Youth – Lifestage 3 (LS 3)

ChildFund Indonesia also works to promote societies whose individuals and institutions participate in valuing, protecting, and advancing the worth and rights of children

Enhancing aNd EmpoweRinG Youth Program (ENERGY-Program)


Young people are a major resource for development, able to act as key agents for social change, economic development and technological innovation. According to the 2010 population census, there are approximately 62.3 million youth in Indonesia aged 16-30 years.1 This number represents over a quarter (26.2%) of Indonesia’s total population. While young people represent the future of the country, their participation in development is still less than ideal, due primarily to the poor quality of education, training and health services. Weak infrastructure coupled with experiences of inequality and exclusion, especially for girls, further increases the challenges young people face as they strive to participate more holistically in the development process.

PT. Caterpillar has been implementing CSR activities in their work area: Cilengsi & Batam. In Cilengsi, CSR activities have focused mainly on the provision of sanitation services, infrastructure development and the funding of environmental campaigns. PT. Caterpillar has also supported vocational schools through the provision of welding equipment and internships.

ChildFund would like to build on this positive experience, and propose enhancing and empowering youth project targeting 200 youth (80% young woman & 20% young man)  aged 16-24 at 2 villages in Cilengsi and 100 youth (80% young woman & 20% young man) at 4 islands in Batam.

The goal of the project is to ensure youth especially young woman are given equal opportunity in accessing technical and interpersonal skills to be able to acess better economic opportunity at 2 villages in Cilengsi & 4 islands in Batam by strengthening youth forum and improve youth capacity on their interpersonal skill and technical skill. The project will focus on enhancing youth’s knowledge on vocational training, future employment opportunities, life skill and training to pursue better economic opportunity.

II.            SCOPE OF WORK

The purpose of the market survey & baseline research are to asses and to identify youth issues and their needs on better economic opportunity link with market demands in both area Bogor & Batam in order to determine suitable capacity program for youth in both areas.
The External Consultant is expected to:

1.    Develop tools for baseline research:
a. to asses and measure youth forum functionality
b. to asses and measure youth capacity on interpersonal skill, Technical skill and   enterpreneur skill at 2 villages in Cileungsi & 4 islands in Batam.
2.    Develop tools for market survey:
a.    Identify potential product/commodities in Cilengsi/Bogor and Batam district.
b.    Provide information about industries/business (industry creative/UMKM) and its supporting business in Bogor and Batam which are potential for youth employment in Bogor and Batam.
c.    Identify tailored support vocational and educational skill for youth match with market demand and also available resources (government support, CSR program, etc).
d.    Provide recommendation on job market which are also interesting for youth.
3.    Train field youth enumerators in Batam and Bogor to ensure the quality of data collection process.
4.    Coordinate with YEP (Yayasan Embun Pelangi) as field coordinator in Batam and Forum Anak Bogor in Cileungsi.
5.    Data processing
6.    Data analysis
7.    Submit report to ChildFund Indonesia for review and comments.
8.    Submit final report.

The external consultant is expected to work closely with the ENERGY Project Cordinator (Desry Yuniafitri), ENERGY project Officer (Gena lysistrata), M&E Specialist (Mr. Teuku Maimunsyah) The consultant is also required to coordinate closely with Yayasan Embun Pelani (YEP) in Batam and Forum Anak Bogor in Cibinong.


1.    Inception report – this needs to be submitted 5 days after the signing of the contract. It is to contain the following: (a) research framework, methodology and tools (b) survey questionnaires (in Bahasa); and (c) survey mobilization plan. The inception report will be approved by ChildFund Indonesia.
2.    Baseline reserach/Survey market report – this will be submitted within the approved timeframe presented in the Inception report. The report should be in Bahasa.
3.    Presentation of the draft report to ChildFund Indonesia staff 2 days after submission
4.    Submission of the final report 3 days after ChildFund Indonesia has provided comments and clarifications (electronic and hard copy).


The study is expected to commence in  4th March 2016 upon signing of the contract and will end in 4th April 2016 upon submission and approval of the report by ChildFund Indonesia.

Below are the suggested activities and timeframe.  This may change based on the proposal from the consultant and approved by ChildFund. 
Orientation meeting with ENERGY project staff

Week 1 March

Consultant, PC ENERGY
1 day meeting at CF office
Instrument (questionare, question guidance) development
Week 1 March

Enumerator coaching in Bogor and Batam
Week 2 March
Consultant & PC ENERGY
2-3 days each
Data collection at field
Week 3 March
Consultant, YEP, FAB
Will be assisted by Yayasan Embun Pelangi & Forum Anak Bogor
Encoding and data analysis
Week 3 March

report writing & presentation
Week 4 March

Finalize the Report & Submission to ChildFund Indonesia
Week 4 March


·         At least 5 years proven track record in conducting Baseline surveys & market surveys.
·         Familiarity with child development NGOs and development work or at least 5 years of progressive experience in development work.
·         Advanced analytical skills and writing (in scientific, elaborative and concise manner)
·         Must possess an ability to work well under pressure and the ability to seek and synthesize information and communicate in a compelling and succinct form.
·         Self motivated, details oriented and highly organized


Payment will be made (by bank transfer or in check, whichever is applicable) based on the completion of agreed deliverable(s). Upon signing of the contract, ChildFund Indonesia will provide certain percentage as mobilization fund, based on ChildFund’s policy and practice.

Interested consultants should submit a 1-page expression of interest, curriculum vitae, proposed general work plan, and proposed budget to carry out the assignment.

Application should be sent by email to

The selected consultant will be hired using a standard consulting agreement which complies with ChildFund Indonesia’s policies and standards.

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