Monday, February 22, 2016

MSI/SIAP 1 Vacancy: Consultant for Budgeting Expert (Documenting Best Practices)

                                                         Management Systems International, Inc
Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program 1 (SIAP 1)
Support for the Corruption Eradication Commission
Terms of Reference
Title of Consultant    : Budgeting Expert (Documenting Best Practices)
Languages Required : Bahasa/ Indonesian and English
Duration of Contract                : 46 days
Working Period                           : March to July 2016
Counterpart (User)   : Corruption Eradication Commission
Local governments have the obligations of providing a safe environment, operating in an efficient manner, balancing budgets, implementing varying levels of citizen engagement, and providing efficient services. Government budgeting is particularly vulnerable to corruption as it is the first step for government’s management, followed by the procurement system, and leading to the final phase of delivering public services. A government budget signals a municipality’s policies and civic priorities.
In 2016, over 250 newly-elected local leaders will commence their terms. MSI SIAP 1 will continue its support to KPK by giving advice to those new leaders in decreasing corruption vulnerabilities particularly in the budgeting processes. Budgeting has many dimensions: political, managerial, planning, communications, as well as financial. A government’s budget reflects its vision, strategy, and priorities. Effective budget processes are inclusive, transparent, and efficient. When done right, key budget processes and information are communicated simply, clearly, and frequently, which results in greater transparency and ultimately allows the government to gain the public’s trust.
SIAP 1 will engage in a limited pilot activity that will seek to identify, collect, and share best practices of several local governments with the aim to encourage the newly-elected leaders to replicate them in other locations. In line with the activity, SIAP 1 seeks the services of a technical expert to coordinate closely with KPK and SIAP 1 teams to compile and document local government best practices, with a special focus on budgeting. The consultant will ensure that all of the collected data is verified prior to dissemination. The expert will deliver evidence that the practices indeed lead to decreased corruption vulnerabilities. The expert will also provide consultations and recommendations to encourage the newly-elected leaders to implement best practices.
Along with the services of a technical expertise, SIAP 1 will also produce a video documentation that will be disseminated primarily to the leaders. However, the video documentation will not be classified and will allow public to access. However, the film will not be classified and will allow public open access. The technical expert will be expected to provide consultation and supervision to the video documentation process.
The objectives of this project are to:
1.       identify, collect, and document the methodology and the transformation process of how the leading local governments apply best practices
2.       document how leading local governments are able to overcome challenges in the reform implementation
3.       encourage the new elected leaders to adopt and implement the best practices in their new administrations
Unprecedented challenges confronting local governments require new tools, concepts, practices and solutions, for example the use of transparent and reliable e-budgeting systems. The technical expert has to be able to identify these practices that have proven to be effective, scalable, replicable, and transferable across various local governments. This study or assessment will then be disseminated to the new elected leaders.
1.       Identify indicators/criteria of the best practices in local government. Preliminary activity can be conducted through desktop research methods (5 days)
2.       Advise KPK to select the cities to be benchmarked/reviewed (2 days)
3.       Conduct several field visits to those cities to guide KPK in the observation of best practices (10 days)
4.       Develop the best practice book, including to:
·         Collect documentation of the transformation process of the leading local governments (5 days)
·         Analyze the data (3 days)
·         Write the guideline (7 days)
·         Deliver presentation for KPK and seek approval (2 days)
·         Revise and finalize the book (5 days)
5.       Provide consultation and supervision to the video documentation team (7 days)
1.       The following deliverables are expected to be included in the final report. The report is expected to be delivered as a book that will be disseminated to the targeted readers and will contain:
-          Report of the compiled and documented identifications, verifications, and observations of the best practices in leading local government.
-          Guideline to replicate the best practices
-          Recommendation to overcome challenges the new elected leaders will mostly face and how to implement best practices under their leadership
2.       Review and recommendation on the video documentary
-          Hold at least bachelor degree in related background
-          Has minimum 5 years experience related with the scope of work
-          Indonesian nationality
-          Experience in working with local governments and in depth knowledge of substantive corruption issues in budgeting system
-          Ability to work in a team, fast-paced environment with enforced deadlines
-          Availability to interpret results and provide practical recommendations
Please send applications indicating ‘Budgeting Expert ' as the subject of your email addressed to not later than February 27, 2016. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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