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RFP : Consultant for Final Evaluation SCI-EYE Project Bandung

Scope of Work

                                                                                                                    Education for Youth Empowerment
(EYE Project)


Save the Children is an international NGO and the world’s top independent charity for children in need. Since 1919, we have been fighting for children’s rights, saving their lives and providing hope for brighter futures worldwide.  Save the Children’s programs in Indonesia is implemented by Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik.  Further,Save the Children through the Education for Youth Empowerment is supporting the government’s 2010-2014 development strategy and technical and vocational education and training programmed (TVET) support young people’s transition from school-to-work, and seeks to create employment opportunities for the most vulnerable, with a particular focus on girls.

Objectives of the Consultancy
Save the Children -Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik seeks an individual consultant/firm to conduct a final evaluation for Education for Youth Empowerment project. The aim of this evaluation is to see how the project beneficiaries perceive the project and how they feel it has changed or improved the quality of the SMK graduation from SMK partners. In terms of  Improve the technical content of vocational education in key selected subjects Train vocational students in skills like team work and being ready for the workforceTrain teachers to improve their teaching practice; and improving link vocational schools with job opportunities in the private sector.
The study also expected  identify important lessons to be learnt and make recommendations for the implementation of future projects.
The specific objectives of this consultancy are:
1.    Collect data and information refer to all of aspects that assessed in the beginning of the programstage,
2.    Collect good practices from schools (including students, teachers, schools principles and alumny) and Private sectors
3.    Analyze the collected data and information as the current situation to compare with the situation at the baseline stage,
4.    To develop analysis and comprehensive report that will provide in-depth and detailed information about project relevance and fulfillment of objectives; development efficiency; effectiveness; impact; sustainability and provide information according student perspective about this project
5.    Provide information on areas of strength and areas of concerns continue with the recommendation for improving both for internal (SCI) and external (schools, community and government).
6.    To disseminate the evaluation findings with participants schools and district level government office.

Key Deliverables
1)   A comprehensive final report in English
2)   An Executive Summary of the report (maximum 3 pages)
3)   Power point presentation that present main points of the study
such as key findings, lesson learned and recommendations
4)   Copies of all notes and documents from the data collection.


The evaluation will be conduct in 20 working days during mid of early march 2016 end of March 2016 Key Activities and Estimation Number of Working Day
The Consultant has agreed to accomplish activities within number of determined accumulative days as follow:

Number of accumulative days
Desk review
Design of data collection methodology and research tools, review and validation from Save the Children team
Data collection in the 8 schools
Analysis of information and report writing
Finalization the reports after reviewing and validation by Save the Children team including presentation to SC

Total of accumulative days

Expertise Required

The interested consultant should has:
1)   significant experiences and expertise in education and vocational education
2)   Experience in conduct final evaluation
3)   Experience in research particularly in education for children and youth
4)   Experience in facilitating gathering of input from multiple stakeholders and beneficiaries including from children and consolidating that information into strong conclusions and recommendations.

With additional considerations of:
1)   Experiences and expertise in working on vocational education 
2)   Previous work in West Java Province and domicile in Bandung city is preferred.
3)   Preferable having experience working with youth and child rights

Proposal Request

We request from interested consultants a proposal that includes:
1)   Proposed methodology and a detailed description of the study plan (maximum 3 pages), as well as proposed consultancy fee per day
2)   Proposed detail budget for conducting the activity
3)   Relevant past experience (1 page maximum)
4)   A summary of qualifications of the consultant (CV) – (2 pages maximum)
5)   A capacity statement including a list of previous similar studies
6)   Relevant examples of similar work.

Term of Payment
Payment is paid 35% upon submission of data collection instrument; 45% upon satisfactory draft of report; and 20% upon acceptance and satisfactory of all deliverables. All the cost to implementation of this activity such as transportation and hotel will be covered by the consultant.

Interested consultants must submit proposal by email to byFebruary 25th 2016 before 5 pm with a Subject: RFP–Consultant for Final Evaluation SCI-EYE Project

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