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RFP : Consultant for policy and legal analysis on Violence Free School Study

Study on Violence Free School Programme in Jakarta and NTT
(IKEA Project)
Consultant for policy and legal analysis on Violence Free School Study

1.    Background

The right of the child to education is universal and well recognized in several international legal instruments. In brief, children’s rights to education implies: the right to access to education; the right to a good quality education; and the right to respect in the learning environment. As with all the articles in CRC the right to education should be seen in relation to the four core principles of the CRC i.e. the best interest of the child; survival and development; the right to be consulted and listened to and; and non-discrimination. The right to respect in the learning environment should also be seen together with the right of the child to protection from violence2 which applies in all situation and contexts, including in the school setting where children spend large parts of the day.
Despite the fact that children have a right to be protected from violence in schools according to the CRC, and that corporal punishment in schools is prohibited in many countries, the school environment is often not protected from violence and free from abuse. Limited or non-existent reporting mechanisms puts children at risk and fail to document the prevalence and frequency of violence and forms a need for the strengthening of child protection systems and reporting mechanisms at community and school level.
In societies the school is a key institution. Schools are important actors not only for building knowledge, learning and development, but also for contributing to change and to spread values. Although, education and schools sometimes also mirror negative practices and behaviors in societies. Also, education is often politicized, and the education sector, although often heavy regulated and steered by laws and policies, is often rather slow to change.
In its new strategy between 2016-2020 Save the Children has two overarching ambitions, one relating to child protection “Violence against children is no longer tolerated” and one related to Education ”All children achieve relevant learning from quality basic education”. The proposed programme will contribute to both of them. This further links to the Sustainable Development Goal 4 to Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all and SDG (16.2) targets to end violence against children and other related targets on child marriage, child labour amongst others. In line with this Save the Children’s new strategy for the 2016-2030 period include the overarching ambition that violence against children are no longer tolerated. With these in mind, Save the Children is proposing a planning phase for a larger global and national program which aim to reduce violence in schools, communities and homes. We foresee that such a planning phase or inception program will include a number of interlinked strategies: First of all we will build a knowledge base on violence in schools and raise awareness about the problem with governments and other international and national actors. Secondly, SC will design and carry out evidence-based interventions in three countries in order to improve policy, regulatory framework and practices as well as present examples of how schools can work to reduce violence in the school environments as well as in the community.
As enforcement of legislation is difficult where the use of violence is a norm we foresee that the program will reach out to those surrounding the child and will have a focus on trainings for teachers and parents on positive discipline which can provide alternatives to violence as discipline and promote a change in attitudes and behaviours. Save the Children has also experience of training teachers in child rights, child protection, child centred teaching methodologies and inclusive education which can be used in this program. We are also planning to address the problem of peer to peer violence and bullying.
Therefore Save the Children is planning to conduct a Study on Violence against Children in schools and other education settings within the community, in order to have the basis for developing an innovation to creating positive change for children by developing and proving evidence-based replicable breakthroughs for children and the intervention design is based on existing evidence and adopted to the local context.

2. Objectives of the consultant

·         The consultant (s) will conduct a review of the existing studies/ reference in relation to Violence in school settings
·         The consultant (s) will conduct review and analysis on a comprehensive legislative/ policies in relation to violence in school settings, as well as analyses of existing mechanisms against violence in schools and program experience.
These analysis will also be guided by the concluding observations from the CRC Committee to Indonesia

 3. Consultant should provide following service:
Scope of consultancy
3.1    To collect the previous and existing studies in relation violence against children in education settings, summarize and compile the data
3.2    To collect and analyze the gap of the existing regulation and any legislative instruments in relation to prevention and response to violence against children in Indonesia, at National and Sub-national level (in the sites of the study), summarize them into the provided matrix.
3.3    To facilitate a workshop, by presenting the results of data collection and gap analysis to gain feedbacks and verification.
3.4    To conduct in-dept interview with key informants

3.5    To write a report
3.1.1       Desk review and collecting data/info
3.1.2       fill the provided matrix

3.2.1       Desk review and collecting data/info
3.2.2       analyze the gap and fill the matrix
3.2.3       Visit North Jakarta and Atambua-NTT to collect data and info

3.3.1       Organize and facilitate a workshop with relevant stakeholders at National level
3.5.1       To conduct in-dept interview with at least 5 key informants at national level ()
3.5.2       Prepare an executive summary and a complete report

4.       Target participant/audience

1)       In-depth interview : Head of Ministry and relevant government officials, Head of relevant NGOs, Academician
2)       Workshop : GOs, NGOs, Academicians, Education and CP activists

5.       Deliverables:
Following are deliverables that would be submitted by the consultant:
a)       E-files of published studies (National and International referring to Indonesia in relation to VAC and Violence in School
b)       E-files of policies and regulation in relation to VAC and Violence in School at national and sub-national
c)       Report, with 1-2 pages of executive summary
d)       Full report documenting the existing studies and legislative instrument, gap analysis and recommendations, 25-30 pages report in English.
e)       2 set of compiled matrixes (in English)

6.       Time Frame
The duration of this consultancy is 2 and a half months (mid of April – end of June 2016)
6.1    Desk review and fill the provided matrix : 18 Apr – 15 May 2016
6.2    Desk review and analyze the gap and fill the matrix : 4 - 30 May 2016
6.3    Organize and facilitate a workshop with relevant stakeholders at National level : week of 8th June 2016
6.4    Conduct in-depth interview with at least 5 key informants at national level (GO, NGO, Academician) : 16-30 May 2016
6.5    Submit  an executive summary and a complete report : 27-30 June 2016
7. Term of payment
Payment would be divided into 3 phases after deliverable submission below:

First payment : 20%,  
After signing contract 

Second payment : 40%
Deliverables : when submission of compiled matrixes of relevant studies and policy/ legal instrument on VFS and after conducting the workshop

Final payment : 40%
    Deliverables : after submission of e-files, executive summary and full report

Send the electronic copy of your proposal and the Expression of Interest form and CV  with a Subject: VFS Policy and legislation analysis - <your name> with the latest date 5 April 2016 5 pm Jakarta Time. Please do not send afterthis date.

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