Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Vacancy Announcement "Climate & Weather Information Specialist"

Job Opportunity for Short Term TechnicalAssistant (STTA):

Climate & Weather Information Specialist

About DAI

DAI works at the cutting edge ofinternational development, combining excellence in technical and operationalproject management, and exceptional customer service to solve our clients’ mostcomplex problems. Since 1970, DAI has worked in 150 developing and transitioncountries, providing comprehensive development solutions in areas includingcrisis mitigation and stability operations, democratic governance and publicsector management, agriculture and agribusiness, private sector development andfinancial services, economics and trade, HIV/AIDS, avian influenza control, waterand natural resources management, and energy and climate change.
Adaptasi Perubahan Iklim dan Ketangguhan(APIK) Project is a 5-year, $19 million USAID funded Project. The purpose ofAPIK is to support the Government of Indonesia to strengthen climate anddisaster resilience, working in an integrated manner from the national leveldown to the community level. APIK will help to mainstream climate changeadaptation and disaster risk reduction into national and sub-nationalgovernance frameworks, build the capacity of local communities and the privatesector to address climate change and weather-related natural hazards, andsupport the use of information for climate and disaster risk management amongkey stakeholders.
One of the APIK Tasks, which is Task 3 focuseson the collection, packaging, and dissemination of climate and weatherinformation (CWI) services. Better climate and weather information systems arefundamental to fostering place-based resilience across the archipelago, savinglives in the near term (i.e. disaster risk reduction) while supporting betterplanning and public investment in the medium to long term (i.e. climate changeadaptation).

Essential Duties

·        Carry out stakeholderinterviews and surveys of users across the marketplace to identify specificneeds of Climate & Weather Information Services on the national and subnational level (±35 types of potential CWI stakeholders ranging from NationalGovernmental Agencies/Ministries, Private entities & Local Community suchas fisheries, farmers, etc. ). The STTA needs to conduct stakeholderconsultations on CWI needs to determine which services are most critical forstrengthening climate and disaster resilience within the APIK landscapes andfocus districts
·        Compile Interview materials
·        Develop Report & Analysis


·        Min. Bachelor Degree (Preferredin Meteorology or Oceanography), others are welcome if have strong knowledge orexperience below. 
·        Min. 1 year experienced inClimate Change / Disasters / Water Resources Issues
·        Understand the existing ClimateChange / Disaster Risk Reduction Issues (Flood, Landslide, Sea Level Rise,Drought, Water Scarcity & Forest Fire)
·        Having good communication skill
·        Having GIS skill is advantage
·        Having ICT Knowledge &Skill is advantage
·        Experienced in Weather &Climate Modeling is advantage


±3 month.


·        ±2 months in Jakarta
·        ±1 month in Region (EastJava/Maluku/Sulawesi Tenggara)


Reports directly to the Climate InformationServices Adviser.

Application Instructions

Interestedapplicants are invited to send their CV to applications no later than 5 April 2016. Applicants are instructed towrite “Climate& Weather Information Specialist– NAME” as theSubject line of their email. We regret that we are unable to acknowledgereceipt of all applications and only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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