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Vacancy Announcement "Field Coordinator"


DAI works atthe cutting edge of international development, combining excellence intechnical and operational project management, and exceptional customer service tosolve our clients’ most complex problems. Since 1970, DAI has worked in 150developing and transition countries, providing comprehensive developmentsolutions in areas including crisis mitigation and stability operations,democratic governance and public sector management, agriculture andagribusiness, private sector development and financial services, economics andtrade, HIV/AIDS, avian influenza control, water and natural resourcesmanagement, and energy and climate change.

Adaptasi Perubahan Iklim danKetangguhan (APIK) Project is a 5-year, $19 million USAID funded Project. Thepurpose of APIK is to support the Government of Indonesia to strengthen climateand disaster resilience, working in an integrated manner from the nationallevel down to the community level. APIK will help to mainstream climate changeadaptation and disaster risk reduction into national and sub-nationalgovernance frameworks, build the capacity of local communities and the privatesector to address climate change and weather-related natural hazards, andsupport the use of information for climate and disaster risk management amongkey stakeholders.

Essential Duties:
The primary objective of the Field Coordinator position is to serve as a member of the APIKRegional Team in East Java, SoutheastSulawesi & Maluku, supporting implementation of APIK field activities and maintainingexcellent relations with all relevant stakeholders (local governments, NGOs,communities, etc.). The day-to-day work of this position is supervised by theRegional Manager for that region as well as a team of Technical Specialistswho provide more detailed programmatic guidance.

The Field Coordinator contributes to theachievement of APIK objectives at the local level by assisting in thedevelopment of regional-level workplans, coordinatingregional-level activities, ensuring strong communications with the APIKregional office and technical specialists, and generally building trust betweenAPIK and local stakeholders. S/he works side by side with APIKpartners on a daily basis and represents the front line of the Project.

Responsibilities of the Field Coordinator include, but are not be limited to, the following:
·        Working under the direction andguidance of the Regional Manager and technical specialists, substantially assist in thedevelopment and implementation of Regional-level workplans.
·        Develop in-depth knowledge andunderstanding of local-level issues, programs and resources related to CCA andDRR, including the activities of localgovernment agencies, private sector businesses, NGOs and community groups,other development programs, etc.
·        Closely monitor APIKactivities at the local level and keep APIK regional staff well-informed of the status of local-levelactivities, problems encountered, etc., and actively solicit the support ofsuch staff as needs arise.
·        Develop or assist in the developmentof specific APIK activities to be undertaken at the local level (includingneeds identification, assessments, site selection, etc.).
·        Establish and maintain effectiverelationships with key local partners (local government agencies, technicalunits of ministries/UPT, PDAM, Secretariat/Pokja RAD-GRD or other existingworking group, local NGOs, local community groups, local university), ensuringthat APIK is well-informed and well-regarded as a credible and effectivedevelopment partner.
·        Oversee local level data collectionrequired for appropriate monitoring of APIK activities and the tracking of results and outcomes.
·        Produce regular reports (bi-weekly,monthly, quarterly, etc.) on project implementation at the local level,highlighting results/outcomes, programmatic successes, problems encountered andpossible solutions.
·        Work with technical specialists toperiodically develop success stories and lessons learnt that may take the formof presentation, articles and contributions to project newsletters as well asundertaking special projects, e.g. conferences and workshops.
·        Regularly communicate with other APIK staff(the Regional Coordinator, technical specialists, other Field Coordinators) to ensure local level activities benefit from thebest available ideas and input.
·        Conduct other tasks as required andwhich are consistent with the above.

    1. Substantial contributions to regional-level workplan development.
    2. Activity reports as required by the work at hand
    3. Regular and timely inputs to APIK workplans, bi-weekly reports, and quarterly and annual reports.
    4. Occasional article or success story highlighting APIKachievement at the local level.

    • Possess at least a university degree; preferably in environmental engineering/science, geology, geography, or social science.
    • At least 3 years of experience working on institutional and/or community-based CCA and/or DRR program
    • Excellent interpersonal skills, with experience in community facilitation, training and organizing work
    • Able to work independently in limited supervision/facility as well as a team player with a range of people
    • Ability to multi-task and flexibility to work on evenings and weekend on occasion and to travel as and when required within the APIK Project area
    • Computer literate and proficient in Microsoft Office tools
    • Able to work in his/her designated areas
    • Strong English speaking and writing abilities.
    • Women are encouraged to apply.

The FieldCoordinator is based in East Java, Southeast Sulawesi, and Maluku,travels on an approximate monthly basis that canbe requested to otherAPIKlocations within or outside of the region.
Note: location for assignmentin the province will be decided upon site selection process currently beingfinalized
  • TheAPIK RegionalManagerserves as the FieldCoordinator’s primary supervisor, and a relevant regional technical specialistis assigned as theFieldCoordinator’s secondary supervisor.


Interested applicants areinvited to send their CV toAPIK_recruitment@dai.comPlease send applications no later than 13 March 2016. Applicants are instructed to write “Field Coordinator LOCATION  NAME” as the Subject line oftheir email. We regret that we are unable to acknowledge receipt of allapplications and only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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