Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Work Process and Workload Analysis Consultant


Judicial Support Sector Program (JSSP) is a two years program from 2014 until 2016. JSSP is a follow up cooperation between the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia (SC) and the Hoge Raad of Netherlands since 2010 and the first time for the Attorney General Office of the Republic of Indonesia. JSSP is administered by Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC) and Lembaga Kajian dan Advokasi untuk Independensi Peradilan (LeIP)  funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy (RNE) in Jakarta.

One of the main objectives of the program is to contribute to rule of law by increasing the skills and competence of judges and attorney general by giving support to the Supreme Court Training Agency located in Ciawi.

JSSP plans to support Supreme Court Training Agency in developing and increasing the capacity of their training management. This support would be useful to the training agencies since Supreme Court Training Agency itself is first established in 2006 and their training facilities were available in 2008.

Workload Analysis Report and Recommendation of Judicial Training Centre:JSSP in cooperation with SSR (Study centre for the Judiciary in the Netherlands) will assist the Supreme Court Training Agency in conducting work process and workload Analysis that will resulted in reports and recommendation.

2.   Scope of Work

This Scope of Work provides overall guidance and direction on the work that shall be performed by the consultant, followed by a detailed set of tasks that will result in production of the required deliverables. In undertaking the tasks, the consultant shall regularly review this SOW and ensure that the required deliverables clearly reference and address all elements of SOW.
In conducting work process and workload analysis, the consultant shall provide the following support and coordination services:
1.       Developed tools for work process and workload analysis in collaboration with SSR as the lead of the activities.
2.       A thorough analysis of the crucial working process in order to remove restrictions and map out the workload of the staff;
3.       Develop standard working procedures for crucial working processes in order to exchange best practices among TTC and MLTC and to consider common standard working procedures, including workload proposal;
4.       Consult and advice all counterparts on the mentioned activities
5.       Implement the new working procedures after agreement;
6.       On regular basis consulting Skype consulting sessions with SSR
7.       Assist the validation of questionnaires by SSR to Supreme Court Training Agency and counterparts as required;
8.       Assist in report writing and recommendation by SSR;
9.       Working closely with the technical team appointed by the Supreme Court Training Agency, Supreme Court Human Resource Unit and other units as required.
10.    Coordinate and facilitate FGD (focus group discussion) and plenary meeting as required.
11.    Incorporate all recommendations from FGD and plenary meeting to the report and recommendations.

Expected Outcome/Objectives:
·      Report of workload analysis, including the effectiveness and efficiency of Supreme Court Training Agency including the capability of human resource;
·      Recommendations

General Approach:
Supreme Court Training Agency will appoint a technical team to work with JSSPSSR and theConsultant or other unit as seem necessary. The technical team will conduct series of meeting (facilitated by JSSP) to produce the deliverables as required with the guideline from SSR. Subsequently, there will be plenary meeting to finalize and approve the report, and the meeting will be attended by high level officials from the Supreme Court Leadership and Justices.
Required Skills and Knowledge:
The required skills and knowledge for the consultant who will assume this scope of work include:
  • A master degree in Business Administration
  • Experience in conducting Workload Analysis
  • Experience with IT tools for capturing of work processes
  • Experience in facilitating workshops
  • Fluency in speaking and writing English
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent teamwork capability

Tasks and Period of Performance of this Scope of Work:
The following activities will be conducted with the assistance of a consultant working in coordination with JSSP Program Manager and SSR.
Tools DevelopmentApril 2016
Workshop 1
·      Kick Off Meeting
·      Finalized tools for WLA (Workload Analysis)
April 2016
Data Collection ProcessMay – June 2016
Workshop  2
·      Questionnaires Validation
July 2016
Data AnalysisAugust – September 2016
Workshop 3
·       Report and Recommendation
October 2016

*This activity is not limited to the workshop as stated above. The number of workshop and plenary depends on the actual requirement.

3.   To apply

Please sent your application with Curriculum Vitae to office@leip.or.id at the latest of 5th of March  2016, with email subject of Workload Analysis Consultant.

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