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The USAID-funded project, Linkages Across the Continuum of HIV Services for Key Populations Affected by HIV (LINKAGES), under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) program is implemented by FHI 360 in partnership with Pact, IntraHealth International and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and conducts a range of activities to reduce HIV transmission among key populations (KP) — sex workers, men who have sex with men, transgender persons and people who inject drugs — and improve their enrollment and retention in care and treatment across the HIV cascade. LINKAGES will accelerate the ability of governments, key population leaders, organizations working with key populations, and private-sector providers to plan and implement services that reduce HIV transmission among key populations and their sexual partners and extend the lives of those already living with HIV. The key elements of the FHI 360-led team’s strategic and technical approach are:
1.    Identifying key populations and locales and comprehensively assessing risk,
2.    Diagnosing “leaks” and revealing access barriers within the HIV services cascade,
3.    Scaling up “what works” while innovating to ensure the most strategic use of resources and access to newly emerging technologies,
4.    Addressing structural barriers and transforming local KP organizations,
5.    Ensuring interventions are sustainable over the long term, and
6.    Supporting the mainstreaming of human rights, gender and competency and capacity development.
As part of the ultimate goal 3, Scaling up “what works” while innovating to ensure the most strategic use of resources and access to newly emerging technologies, LINKAGES plans to develop two software/application. The first one is for Community Outreach Management System (COMS) and the second one is for Technical Assistances Activity Record and Tracking (TRACY).
Accurate and reliable data is required by organizations planning, implementing, monitoring and funding the HIV response in Indonesia. Many activities are carried out by non-government organizations (NGOs) in HIV prevention, care and support, and in referral to HIV testing, ART and other forms of medical assistance, for key populations (KPs). HIV Data interoperability in Indonesia today is similarly like Banking Concept Before 1990 (prior to ATM Link was Launched). It can imagine how is the world if banking system database still in stand-alone condition. Unfortunately, data exchange mechanism in several institutions, department and government did not adopt ATM Link system yet.  Lack of interoperability is a main driver of inefficiency and has impacted the timely availability of data. This is happening in most of government organization for data management system, for example in Jakarta Province Aids Commission, PAC had a JAIS (Jakarta Aids Information system) but it is still stand alone and have very limited data parameter to analysis. 
Since Linkages Promote that Government organization (like PAC with JAIS) should have a Data Bank System as solution utilizes the power of ATM technology, it Will require that the LINKAGES support on development of a new backend database for JAIS. Alpha version of database already developed by Linkages and now need to be expended to beta version. This beta version of new system will enable CSOs to submit data directly into JAIS. It is meant as an interim solution, and will eventually no longer be necessary for most CSOs once they have a functional client management database that is fully interoperable with JAIS.
Base on this requirement, Linkages will be recruited a short term consultant to develop form and link to database (new JAIS backend). During the assignment Incumbent also modified the JAIS Backend application for CSO Desktop application (client management database), installed locally in CSO computer, promote new form among relevant CSOs, develop training materials on using new form, together with Linkages team, consultant also will conduct a Training for CSOs on how to use the form.
-       Develop/Upgrade of JAIS Backend application from Alpha Version to Beta 1.0 Version
-       Develop of client management database application (Beta 1.0 Version), install and test in CSO level
ü  Individual/team or Firm with Seven years of experience as a software engineer; demonstrated success in developing a variety of software systems while taking on increasing responsibility for analysis, design, implementation and task deployment (with significant individual contribution as a programmer)
ü  Advance in Open source platform (high desired in PHP Code Ignitor programming)
ü  Proven experience in solving challenging technical problems and supporting multiple projects and objectives simultaneously and efficiently.
ü  Seven years of experience developing data-driven applications utilizing significant relational database engines as part of the overall application architecture (experience with any or all of the following programs is highly desirable: MySQL, as well as SQL Server).
ü  Proficiency in developing and troubleshooting complex software systems that run in mixed environments including Linux, Unix and/or Windows on desktop, server, tablet, and mobile systems.
ü  Previous experience configuring and using any or all of the following is highly desirable:
Ø  Web services APIs through web services
Ø  Writing scalable, globally distributed applications
Ø  UI and human-computer interaction design
Ø  Enterprise application integration;
ü  Content Management and Learning Management System exposure highly desirable.
ü  Experience and familiarity with test-driven development, software development methodology and release processes, document requirements and specifications.
ü  Experience with development of software application for the medical or veterinary field is desirable.
ü  Proficiency in both written and spoken English is required.
The incumbent shall work under the overall supervision of the LINKAGES Country Representative, ICT Technical Adviser, CD&PE team, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Adviser and or another LINKAGES Team. Furthermore, the incumbent will work in close collaboration with the ICT Advisor and CD&PE team, The IT Programmer will be a skilled and experienced software developer responsible for the detailed design, implementation, and testing of subsystems and system components in complex, multivendor, multi-platform environments. Specific responsibilities for COMS IT Programmer will include:
ü  Develop a variety of software subsystems and components (complex, multi-vendor, multi-platform environments) including modules for spatial analysis, based on provided specifications for an information system to monitor real time HIV cascade and data visualization including value chain information.
ü  Analyze, design and coordinate the development of software systems for outreach (including mapping modules) in an independent language which focuses on system performance and a more cost effective product, using advanced technology such as a cloud-based system with synchronization or a distributed-system with limited resources while being adaptable to different programming languages;
ü  Analyze current application programs (Alpha Version) including their performance, troubleshoot problems and design solutions including reviewing and repairing legacy code;
ü  Analyze system specifications and translate system requirements and components into task specifications for the software engineer within the context of the larger system and project; as Required.
ü  Write, edit, and debug new computer programs for assigned projects, including necessary records and desired output.
ü  Migrate and integrate existing EPIINFO program data and other relevant intervention data into an integrated COMS database system to feed into a comprehensive flow information platform;
ü  Test new programs to ensure that logic and syntax are correct, program results are accurate while responding promptly and professionally to bug reports resulting in easy-to-use products;
ü  Document code consistently throughout the development process by listing a description of the program, special instructions, and any changes made in database tables on the procedural, modular and database level as needed.
ü  Provide source code of all database programs developed and a backup copy of all functional database applications on an external hard drive to LINKAGES ICT technical Advisor;
A.   Activities:
1. Two (2) days:
a)    Discuss with ICT technical advisor, M&E Advisor and or other staff on the list of feedback and proposed features of JAIS Backend and or Client Management database.
b)    Compile all agreed upon modifications and new features into a design plan completed with a timeline.
2. Forty (40) days:
a)    Develop and modify (if needed) the JAIS Backend and or Client Management database application with reference to the requirements agreed upon by LINKAGES team.
b)    Present the Alpha version of the application, focusing on the new key features, to LINKAGES team for approval.
c)    Conduct quality and performance tests and fixes with ICT technical advisor.
d)    Develop finalization and delivery of the features (Beta 1.0 version).
e)    Present the Beta version of the application, focusing on the new key features, to LINKAGES for approval.
3. Three (3) days:
a)    Refine the Beta version base on input from ICT technical advisor, M&E Advisor and or other staff on the list of feedback
b)    Conduct final quality testing
c)    Final Report
B.   Expected Output:
a)    Data Compilation, verification and migration from EPIINFO database to JAIS Backend and or Client Management database.
b)    A Beta Version of web-based database application for Jakarta Aids Information System (JAIS)
c)    A Beta Version of Client Management database application for CSO
d)    Manual Book
The consultancy will be based in Jakarta, Indonesia. No travel required
June 25st 2016 to 30 August 2016 with approximate total 45 days. Individual Consultant can claim invoice per month based on actual days of work in a month and for Consulting Firm, Linkages will be providing 50% down Payment and they only can submit invoice for final payment after final report has approved by ICT Advisor.
Individual/team consultant will be paid on daily basis.  Payment will be made monthly after the successful deliverable completion and approval of tasks assigned during that month. Consulting firm will be paid as their quotation price stated on the contract.
How to Apply
The consultant (individual/team and or Consulting firm sent a confirmation letter to latest by June 23rd, 2016 and we will send you “Design Architecture system” base on the position your applying for.

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