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RFP – Request for Proposal - Training on Project Cycle Management and Facilitation & Communication Skills

RFP – Request for Proposal - Training on Project Cycle Management and Facilitation & Communication Skills
Handicap International, is an International NGO specialized in the field of disability and development with objective to support people in situations of disability or vulnerability, whatever may be the cause and the environment underlying that situation (extreme poverty, exclusion, deficient social and health systems, serious violation or denial of basic rights, natural disasters, violence and armed conflict).
Handicap International has been working in Indonesia since 2005 to support health and social initiatives related to disability issue. In 2012 Handicap-International decided to start activities in Timor-Leste, thus under the supervision of the main Regional office based in Indonesia an office was opened in Dili. In collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs in Indonesia and Ministry of Social Solidarity in Timor Leste, Handicap International implements activities that will allow people with disabilities to have greater opportunities to exercise their rights to enhance their dignity.
Handicap International Indonesia and Timor Leste formulated a strategy which stated that the specific objectives of the activities are to increase the capacity of institutions and services working in disability field, confirming to general public and decision makers are aware that disability is a human rights and development issue, and empowering people with disabilities and their organization to become active actors in their communities.
Handicap International Indonesia and Timor Leste’s Program wishes to develop employees’ skills and efficiency as well as to fulfill their potential.
On a yearly base, a Program Training Plan is designed in order to prioritize the type of training the employee will receive.
In September 2016 some team members will be invited to a “training week” in Yogyakarta.
The topics of the training will be:
     Project Cycle Management (three days)
     Facilitation and Communication Skills (two days)
The training on Project Cycle Management will be proposed to some Projects team members and Support Services Managers. While the training on Facilitation and Communication Skills will be proposed to team members who work mostly in the field.
A skilled Project Staff need to understand the general principle of Project Cycle Management. This basic course will provide general training on all phases of the project cycle in a compact format: Needs assessment, designing and planning a project, monitoring the implementation of the project, and preparing an evaluation.
This training will provide special emphasis on familiarizing the participants with relevant terminology and the use of Logical Frameworks. Finally the trainees will have better understanding on participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) process.
While a skilled facilitator enables a group to deal with a problem or develop a plan for delivering results. This course will teach participants how to act as facilitators who can push and process audience’s input for the purpose of moving a discussion forward. Participants will need to learn how to recognize group dynamics and motivations through dialogue, feedback, and consensus building. Furthermore, they will gain insight into meeting and group dynamics as well as they will understand good and effective intervention.
Conclusion of objectives for the training on Project Cycle Management, participants:
     will be introduced to the Project Cycle Management principles and will explore their usefulness to their work
     will better understand the use of Logical Frameworks and its application in different phases of the project cycle
     will have a better understanding and knowledge on the importance of the M&E
     will have improved their M&E skills
At this Facilitation and Communication Skills training’s conclusion, participants should be able to:
     Understanding How It Works: Communication and group behavior
     Identify and explain the process and value of facilitation in order to facilitate effective meetings and maintain neutrality while working as facilitators
     Understand Good Chairing and Effective Intervention (including active listening, clarifying, rephrasing, questioning, observing, giving feedback and managing time)
     Set an environment to achieve good meetings
     Describe typical audiences and how to manage each
     Deal with difficult or tricky people: develop strategies for handling hecklers, bullies, and other disruptive participants
     Build consensus and address resistance
     Face any fear of facilitation
     Evaluating the outcome of facilitation
The both training are expected to be held on September 5-9, 2016
Project Cycle Management Training: 3 days
Facilitation and Communication Skills: 2 days
Handicap International Staff; 8-10 persons per training.
All bidders must provide the following information and references in order to be qualified for the procurement process:
1.    Institution’s information, including address, and contact person information.
2.    A short description of the institution and of past relevant experience.
3.    Overall technical approach to fulfill the specifications defined in the Term of References (could be taken from Handicap International website).
4.    A full proposal in English including resume of the trainers, references, detailed course program, description of the pedagogical approach which will be used and training material which will be provided to the trainees and expected fee/quotation are expected.
5.    Expected trainer/facilitator(s) have following capacity:
     Persons or Institution experienced in professional training on Project Cycle Management
     Persons or Institution experienced in writing concept notes and full proposal for international donors (such as ECHO, USAID, AUSAID, etc)
     Persons or Institution capable to deliver trainings, case studies and role play using tools and subjects adapted to trainee specialized in working with International Non Profit Organization
     Ability to propose techniques, trainings and tools adapted to the needs of People with disabilities
Person with disabilities with capacities required above are strongly encouraged.
Proposals are invited from organization and individual consultants who meet the profile described above. Proposals must also include a clear itemized budget. Any proposals that do not include an itemized budget will not be considered.
Application Process
Interested and qualified consultants should send their applications by August 19, 2016 at the latest and indicate “HI-RFP-2016-08 – PCM-FC” in the subject line to the email pcmtrainer@hi-idtl.org.
Should you have any queries please send an email to pcmtrainer@hi-idtl.org or visit us at www.handicap-international-id.org/employment for detail info.

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