Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Vacancies at KIAT Guru Program


KIAT Guru (Kinerja dan Akuntabilitas Guru) Program of Kemdikbud – TNP2K, managed by the BaKTI Foundation, is seeking highly qualified candidates to fill in the following positions:

·        Public Finance Management Specialist
·        Local Governance Specialist
·        MIS & ICT Specialist
·        Budget & Financial Management Specialist
·        Monitoring Analyst – Qualitative

Full TORs for the position are available at www.batukarinfo.com under ‘Ruang Berita - PELUANG’ section, while detailed information about our program is available at www.tnp2k.go.id. Please submit CV topersonnelKG@tnp2k.go.id no later than 19 August 2016. E-mail size must not be more than 250 kb. Please indicate in the e-mail subject : “……..(name of position)…….-…(your name)…..”.

Only qualified candidates will be shortlisted

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