Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Consultant to Develop a Handbook on Open Recruitment

Terms of Reference
Position                                                    : Consultant to Develop a Handbook on Open Recruitment  of Jabatan Pimpinan Tinggi (JPT)
Languages Required                         : Indonesia
Duration of Contract                         : 36 days
Working Period                                    : October 2016 - February 2017
Act No.5 Year 2014 on the State Apparatus, which has recently been enacted, is a key driver to promote reforms of the state apparatus management. The law has established the Civil Service Commission (Komisi Aparatur Sipil Negara - KASN) with the function to ensure the application of merit principles in all phases of human resources management of the Indonesian public sector, especially in the recruitment and placement of approximately 12,000 senior career executives in all government institutions and to supervise the implementation of the civil servants’ code of ethics and code of conduct.
In 2015, MSI-SIAP 1 supported KASN in developing a handbook on human resources management based on the merit system that was designed to be a guideline for KASN to oversee and measure the implementation of the merit system in the government offices.
However, KASN seeks assistance to develop another handbook for government agencies on how to implement the merit system in the recruitment process of JPT. In this regard, USAID CEGAH will engage a consultant to develop the guideline and assist KASN to conduct socialization to local governments in Banten, North Sumatera, North Maluku, and East Java.
A.      Objective: 
Develop a handbook for government offices on implementation of the merit system in JPT’s recruitment process, and assist KASN to conduct socialization in Banten, North Sumatera, North Maluku, and East Java
B.      Activities:
1.       Three (3) days:
a.        Learn KASN’s other handbook on how to oversee merit-based human resources management system to gain understanding on KASN’s vision and policy.
b.       Meet and brainstorm with KASN commissioner to gain better understanding on their expectation of the handbook.
2.       Three (3) days:
a.        Draft a proposed outline of the handbook and consult with KASN commissioners and assistants.
b.       Present handbook outline to the beneficiaries and USAID CEGAH for review and approval.
3.       Ten (10) days:
a.        Develop a draft of handbook based on the approved outline.
b.       Present the draft of handbook to the beneficiaries and USAID CEGAH for approval.
4.       Fifteen (15) days:
a.        Prepare documents and other related materials for socialization. (ToR, session plans, slide presentations).
b.       Work closely with USAID CEGAH team for administrative and technical support of the socialization activity.
c.        Assist KASN to conduct socialization to local government (and JPT recruitment team) in four regions.  Consultant will be responsible to develop the socialization plan and perform as main facilitator. The implementation of this activity will be supported by USAID CEGAHs’ sub-contractor.
d.       Write report of the socialization, which will include feedback/input from participants.
5.       Five (5) days:
a.        Refine the handbook based on inputs and comments gathered.
1)      Approved outline of the handbook
2)      Approved handbook
3)      Socialization materials (ToR, session plans, slide presentations)
4)      Report on socialization activities
5)      Final approved handbook
* All deliverables should be branded according to the USAID CEGAH branding & marking requirement
Please send CV, application letter and sample of website/application developed to  before 4:00pm Jakarta time on Monday,  October  03, 2016

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