Monday, November 7, 2016

Advertisement on Provision of Taxation Services

Dear All,

KOMPAK is an Australia-Indonesia government partnership working to reduce poverty in Indonesia through supporting the Government of Indonesia to improve delivery of basic services and to create more and better opportunities for work. KOMPAK’s work on: 
1) Improving access to quality and delivery of basic services in health, education and legal identity; 
2) Strengthening of village governance, community participation and community-led development; and
3) Strengthening of off-farm economic opportunities on employment and labour mobility
KOMPAK invites experienced organizations to submit Proposals for the provision of Taxation Services to support KOMPAK activities. This includes providing tax calculations, and other regulatory tax related calculations, reporting and advice for financial transactions involving KOMPAK’s Indonesian employees, consultants and workshop attendees in accordance with all applicable regulations

For further detail, please follow the link below:  


HR Kompak

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