Monday, April 10, 2017

CALL for M&E Consultant

                                 Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant

Term of Reference
1.UCPRUK Background
Established in 2009, RUK implements a range of programs to create new opportunities for children and adults with disabilities in Indonesia. Program focuses include capacity-building for local wheelchair practitioners, and empowerment and advocacy programs for the disabled community. By approaching disability services from a number of different angles, we work to improve the quality of life and increase opportunities for people with disabilities and their families in a meaningful way.
In addition, UCPRUK is an implementer partner of ISAP Program with main objectives to:
1.      Pilot the integration of wheelchair provision services within the BPJS service network in Yogyakarta Province
2.      Improve the regulation that supports the provision of AD within Jamkesus to become more comprehensive – ensuring accompanying service is mandated, product standards and sufficient allocation of funds
3.      Build interest and support from other provinces and districts to launch Jamkesus and prepare them for easy adoption
Purpose of Assignment:
The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Consultant will provide consultancy, and training for UCPRUK Staffs and management to monitor and evaluate results and impacts with following objectives:
·        Results Framework and Logical Framework. Provide training to RUK staff that enable them to developed log frame that outlines activities, indicators and outputs which incorporate Result Based Management Approach.
·        Recurring Data Collection, develop tools and instrument in data collection across UCPRUK Programs that enable UCPRUK to store data and information in an easily retrievable way that generates structured reports.
·        M&E Reporting, develop tools and log frame that enable UCPRUK to draft M&E Report
Work Assignments and Work Schedule: Deliverables/End Product (s) and Time Frame
Expected  Outputs
Results Framework and Logical Framework
  1. Discuss with UCPRUK Management on Training objectives
  2. Develop and present training methodology to UCPRUK Management
  3.  Deliver training that incorporate class session on subject matter, discussion on RUK program, and team assignment in developing Result and Logical Framework
Develop training methodology and deliver training
Data Collection and Analysis
  1. Discussion with UCPRUK Management on expectation and objectives
  2. Review/Analyse the pre-primary and existing Donor M&E framework and data collection process
  3. Review current client database management system process and report generated from the system
  4. Develop tools and instruments to analyse data generated from client database management
  5. Provide training to UCPRUK staffs on data collection and data analysis.
Develop instruments and tools on Data collection and data analysis.
M&E Reporting
  1. Provide training in report process using result base and logical framework concept
Develop regular report instruments and tools at Activity and program level
Work Place:

Working Period:
1 May-28 May 2017
·        Technical Proposal outlining consultant understanding of the assignment and how it would be executed. Please mention the Training methods/ framework that would be used to guide the consultant’s works. 40%
·        Detailed Work Plan with Estimated timeline for the assignment (1-month maximum) 20%
·        Detailed qualifications including CVs of individual consultant/ team members 20%
·        Examples of previously monitoring and evaluation paper 20%
·        Two references
·        Propose Rate

Please send your proposal to before April 17, 2017.

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