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Oxfam - Calling for Proposal: Business Development Services Consultant for Youth Empowerment - IKEA project in South Sulawesi and South East Sulawesi

Calling for Proposal

Business Development Services Consultant for Youth Empowerment-
IKEA project in South Sulawesi and South East Sulawesi

Oxfam is an International Non Governmental Organization working across the
world with a vision of just a world without poverty: a world in which
people can influence decisions that affect their lives, enjoy their rights,
and assume their responsibilities as full citizens of a world in which all
human beings are valued and treated equally. We currently operate in 16
countries reaching out to over 2.5 million people to support development of
lasting solutions.

Vision for Indonesia
We envision an Indonesia where women are equal citizens and everyone can
enjoy their rights even in times of shocks and disaster.

Oxfam obtained funding from the IKEA Foundation for the project “Empower
Youth for Work (EYW)”. There will be better economic prospects through
improvements in the job market, better support and opportunities for youth
entrepreneurs; access to better training that enables them to benefit from
these opportunities, including ‘soft’, technical and vocational training;
an improved social and political enabling environment that recognizes the
contribution youth can make to society and the economy. The project takes
place in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Pakistan. It started on 1st
July 2016 with a six month inception phase and it runs for 5 years in
total. By 2021, EYW project in Indonesia will give benefit direct and
indirectly to 115, 493 youth, about 70% of them will be young women

Based on Oxfam assessment, both in South Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi,
it was found out that there are still lots of youth who did not continue
school after elementary school. The main youth employment opportunity in
both South Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi are agriculture, forestry and
fishery followed by trading, retail, restaurants and hotels. This pattern
was the same in 2013 and 2014. The desk research of Oxfam found that the
ratio between informal and formal jobs 63: 37. There is an increasing trend
for informal employment. Desk research found that people with lower
education than junior high school tend to work in agriculture, forestry,
hunting and fishing and they are mostly temporary or non-paid workers.
While the higher education (vocational and high school students and over)
tend to become laborers or employees. In order to create more employment, a
country requires at least 2% of total population as entrepreneurs. But, the
number of entrepreneurs in South Sulawesi is still around 0.21% of total 8
million populations.

Projects profile.

The Empower Youth for Work (EYFW) project in Indonesia aims to reduce
poverty in rural coastal areas that are prone to the impact of climate
change, by empowering youth (especially young women) to secure viable
employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. This project will facilitate
youth (young women and men) to gain better employment opportunities by
strengthening their capacity, helping them to develop the right attitudes
and behaviors for work; generating and improving new economic opportunities
in the form of entrepreneurship and paid employment; enabling them to
engage with companies to get better work environments; and assisting them
to claim their rights to better health, and to enjoy social environments
that support their growth and potential. Parents and community members will
be involved to create an enabling and healthy environment for youth to
become self-reliant and to develop their enterprises and entrepreneurship.
Government and companies will be engaged and made accountable for increased
gender-sensitive and youth friendly policies

Objectives of the consultancy:
1. Oxfam and partner have clear map, profile and analysis on SMEs that
already exist in South Sulawesi and South East Sulawesi Province, as
well as sector opportunities.
2. Potential existing SMEs in those 2 locations are selected, and well
assisted and mentored to improve their social and business performance.
3. Youth improve their entrepreneurship skill to develop new SMEs in those
2 locations. Then, those potential new SMEs are well assisted and
mentored to develop and run their own business.

Scope of work:
1. Component 1 – Landscape Mapping
Oxfam would like the mapping of existing Enterprises (SME/SE) that
support youth entrepreneurship in Sulawesi and South Sulawesi and also
identify key sector opportunities (eg: tourism, IT etc) where there
is employment generation opportunities for the youth in the targeted
location. The mapping may include the following activities:

1.1. Mapping Research 1
Read through existing research to identify enterprises that currently
support youth based employment and/or have the potential to create
youth employment opportunities in the 2 provinces.

Research should include:
· Previous mapping by other NGOs/INGOs
· The scanning of Chambers of Commerce, Govt agencies, Academic
Institutions. Entrepreneur Associations etc, that are engaged in
or are looking to expand their activities in youth employment
· Secondary data analysis
· Interviews – at least 12 enterprises ( 2/district ) that impact
the youth or are youth led
· Financing mechanism / products to support youth entrepreneurs
· Loan Criteria / cost/ tenure etc
· Technical Assistance (BDS) is it being provided / not provided
to youth entrepreneurs
· Technical Assistance – Breakdown what the TA will be, provider,

1.2. Mapping Research 2
This mapping component would give us a breakdown of which sectors to
look at for youth entrepreneurs to focus on. Entrepreneurship
opportunities may focus on the sectors that hold the most growth

2. Component 2 – Program Implementation (In line with proposal /ToC)

2.1. Part 1 - Youth People Planet and Profit PPP
· Generate awareness and create a self Assessment Tool to assess
(PPP) impact on enterprises.
· Develop and conduct training on the said PPP tool to be used by
start-ups and also existing SME/SE
· Conduct training on youth entrepreneurship and include idea
2.2. Part 2 - Selection of Enterprises to Support)

· Develop creative call for proposal activity using business,
youth and academic networks
· Call for proposal selection of youth start up and existing
SME/SE (Conducted at the Same Time)
· Create separate Selection Criteria for start ups and also
existing SME/SE that support youth entrepreneurship (Create a
selection process challenge, event etc)

2.3. Part 3 - Mentoring and coaching selected start ups and existing
SME/SE) BDS Support
· Providing Technical Assistance to start-ups and to existing
youth based SMEs/SE which may include the following: (Should
have an exit strategy based on KPI. )
· Business Plans
· Financial Structuring (eg: accounting, audits , systems )
· Operational Support ( eg: admin etc )
· Access to finance (eg: Loan/ Investment reediness etc .. )
· Product Development (eg: Value Addition etc )
· Access to markets (eg:market study , packaging , certification
etc )
· Communication strategy (Social Media Strategy )
· Impact Assessment

3. Key Tasks:
· Conduct research and mapping of existing enterprises (SME/SE) that
support youth entrepreneurship in Sulawesi and South Sulawesi and also
identify key sector opportunities (eg: tourism, IT etc) where there is
employment generation opportunities for the youth in the targeted
· People Planet and Profit (PPP) self assessment tool creation and
training (including entrepreneurship training).
· Enterprise Selection and BDS Service provision. The BDS service will be
provided to both start-ups and also existing SMEs. Target on SMEs will
be approximately 39 over 2 years.
· Participate with Oxfam in facilitating a sustainable business model of
enterprise development in the target area. Oxfam will bring together
Government, PS and Target groups to facilitate the process early in the
· Contribute to broader thinking around sustainable models for enterprise
development as a partner and not just as a service delivery agent.

4. Output
· Research report and analysis on existing SMEs in 2 targeted locations,
as well as analysis on sector opportunities.
· Total 39 New and Existing SMEs improve their business (including access
to finance) and social performance.
· People Planet and Profit (PPP) self assessment tools & training.

5. Time frame:
June 2017 to March 2019

6. Consultant qualifications and application procedures:
The selected consultant / organization should:
· Have at least 5 – 7 years experience in enterprise development
and/or youth entrepreneurship programs, including experience in
· Have strong experience in social enterprises development would be a
significant advantage.
· Demonstrate a strong understanding of SME / SE development and be
able to transfer that experience to youth entrepreneurship
· Show a track record of previous research and publications on
enterprise development, landscape mapping, especially in the
Indonesian context.
· Experience on working in Sulawesi Island Indonesia is a bonus

7. Other information
Applicants should write proposal with detail implementation planning
and overall budget for the research, consultancy fee, and all cost to
develop and improve SMEs performance including travel cost, training
and meeting. Proposals are invited for company/institutions, local
NGOs, university research institution, and group of individual who meet
the profile described above. The proposal should outline the
consultant’s profile (including CV/resumes), proposed management
arrangements and examples of previous work. Proposals must also include
a clear itemized budget. Any proposals that do not include an itemized
budget will not be considered.

Resume should be submitted electronically by Wednesday, 22nd May 2017
at the latest to with BDS Consultant-EYW Project
as subject of your email.

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