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Vacancy: American Red Cross Consultancy Service for Development of Generic Survey Guideline



A.  Background 
Indonesia Red Cross (PMI), with support from American Red Cross (ARC) has been improving organizational capacity and system strengthening through Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting (PMER) program since 2012. Series of PMER training, including Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) training, have been carried out for integrated system within the organization. The PMI staff have been capacitated with the M&E skills to contribute to the PMI’ program monitoring and evaluation internally and through joint monitoring and evaluation with other supporting PNSs and humanitarian actors. 

A well functioned M&E system is a solid ground for program’s management and accountability. It is acknowledged that there may be any unintended challenges during program implementation despite a comprehensive and well-developed program plan. Facing these challenges, PMI, as one of key humanitarian actors in Indonesia, have to consistently monitor their humanitarian programs’ planning and implementation to ensure high quality of program deliverable

It is not uncommon that both quantitative and qualitative data are the basis information for development of planning humanitarian activities including setting the total number of targeted beneficiaries, and for program monitoring and evaluation. PMI with their community based program in total 34 Provinces in Indonesia requires strong evidences supported by primary data. A number of surveys have been part of PMI’s main activities although this has not yet been comprehensively implemented at field. Therefore, for a better program management and accountability, a generic survey guideline is imperative and hence would be used as reference for PMI field staff.

B.  Purpose   
The generic survey guideline would be used a reference for PMI staff during survey contributing to the PMI improved program management and implementation, particularly for baseline and endline surveys. The generic should be succinct with sufficient explanations and practical steps guiding the readers in implementing surveys.

C.  Deliverables        
The main outcome is a book of PMI generic survey guideline containing details as follow:
1.      The guideline’s purpose and target
2.      Introduction of survey:
ü  What is survey?
ü  Why does survey important?
ü  What kind of studies supported by surveys?
ü  When is survey appropriate?
3.      Steps in implementing survey:
ü  How to develop a study design incorporated within a Term of References 
ü  Sampling (method to define and select sample)
ü  Framing sample
ü  Selecting survey respondents
4.      In a context of PMI, how to plan a survey?
5.  Technical preparation of survey (including preparation of the survey logistics’ check lists, time frame, simple database-preferably in Excel format-of monitoring survey related to weekly respond rate, other forms if needed);
6.      Template of survey’s budget plan;
7.      A step by step in managing and analysis survey data;
8.      Template of survey report based on international academic acceptance of presenting survey’s results;
9.      Examples of survey questionnaires relevant to the PMI programs;
10.  References

E.  Scope of work     
The consultant will be responsible for preparation, development, and final version of a generic survey guideline with details of scope of work as follow:
ü  Developing draft of PMI generic survey guideline
ü  Performing field test of the draft of PMI generic survey guideline
ü  Presenting the draft of PMI generic survey guideline
ü  Finalizing the draft of PMI generic survey guideline both in Indonesian language
ü  Design and layout

F.  Time frame for Consultancy     
Consultancy is expected to be effectively started from 5 June 2017 with total consultancy 30 working days with approval from the PMI Planning Bureau and American Red Cross.

The consultancy’s time frame proposed as follow:
Expected days
Initial consultancy briefings
1 day
Developing 1st draft of generic survey
10 days
Testing generic survey at PMI NHQ
3 days
Developing 2nd draft of generic survey based on the test’s results
6 days
Presenting the final draft of generic survey
1 day
Finalizing the final draft in Indonesian language
7 days
Design and layout
2 days

G. Criteria for Selecting Consultant          
1. Core competencies
ü  Independent: Ability to work under minimum supervision, work with different team, and show strong leadership;
ü  Communication skills: Ability to communicate ideas clearly, strong oral and verbal communication skills particularly for writing a comprehensive guideline in English and Indonesian language;
ü  Integrity: Work with trustworthiness and show commitment to work in accordance with humanitarian principles and agreed timeframe to produce expected deliverables.
2. Technical competencies
ü  Demonstrate deep understanding of quantitative data collection;
ü  Have knowledge and experiences using online/mobile data collection tools;
ü  Be able to show basic understanding of survey and provide clear explanations in text;
ü  Be able to show experiences in data collection using quantitative method, particularly in household survey such as Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice (KAP) survey, exit interview, and post distribution monitoring survey.

H. Proposal Requirements
Use English in proposal and provide estimation of consultancy costs in Rupiah.

Proposal should be submitted electronically in Word/PDF format with the proposal’s title “Proposal Panduan Umum Survei PMI_name of consultant/organization_date of submission”.

Page Setup
The proposal document should be on A4, single space with one space, font 11 Trebuchet MS. The total page number should be less than 10 pages with suggested contents: cover (1 page), profile of individual consultant or organization including CVs (max. 4 pages); technical section on developing guideline of generic survey including detail costs (max. 5 pages).

Proposal Contents
The technical section should be able to explain planning in developing the guideline including timeframe, proposed budget, until final version of the guideline as part of the consultant’s scope of work.

Estimated Costs
The consultant candidates should provide details of costs along with cost narrative justifying the proposal with main information as follow:
ü  Consultancy fee, including the consultant member (if organization);
ü  Operational fee including travel, communication (mobile plan), and stationary costs;
ü  Module and presentation fee. 

Payment Term
ü  Payment for consultant could be requested to ARC by invoice based on report and actual Level of Effort (LOE)
ü  ARC will transfer the payment after consultant submitted an invoice letter to ARC with term condition

I. Submission of Proposal
Consultant candidates must submit their proposal and professional (for individual) or organization (for consulting firm) experiences via email to at least 19 May 2017 at 05.00 PM.

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