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Oxfam - Calling for Proposal for FAIR Workshop Facilitator at Pelalawan, Riau


OXFAM is an International Non Governmental Organization working across the
world with a vision of just a world without poverty: a world in which
people can influence decisions that affect their lives, enjoy their
rights, and assume their responsibilities as full citizens of a world in
which all human beings are valued and treated equally.

Vision for Indonesia
We envision an Indonesia where women are equal citizens and everyone can
enjoy their rights even in times of shocks and disaster.
Calling for Proposal:
Consultancy for FAIR Workshop Facilitator
at Pelalawan, Riau

Freedom of choice, Accountability, Improvement of benefits, Respect of
rights (FAIR) and Green Growth is one of Oxfam project which focus on
promoting an alternative governance model on palm oil plantation. Oxfam
together with SPKS would like to establish multi-functional landscapes in
which small holders - their communities, local authorities, and plantation
companies have applied participatory land use planning in Pelalawan sub
district, Riau province. This approach will result in combinations of cash
crops such as oil palm, local food crops, and protection of forest and
peat land. Small holders and their communities, both women and men, will
benefit from livelihoods of their choice enabling them to ensure food
security, safeguarded land rights and diversified income.

For the demonstration projects we envision a strong interplay between
“horizontal” and “vertical” interactions. With horizontal we are referring
to participatory, multi-stakeholder landscape level -planning and
management. At the sub-district level, the interaction between palm oil
companies and small holder suppliers is taken as a starting point to
involve other local stakeholders, including the local authorities. Joint
mapping and planning will result in more balanced and efficient land use,
with the landscape functions in the right place. With vertical we mean
that various (palm oil) value chain partners that source from this
landscape incentives the review and changes. One buyer and/or trader (such
as our prospective partners in one demonstration project: Unilever and
Musim Mas) will take the lead and also involve other milling companies and
buyers/traders. Moreover, the private sector partners also provide the
channels to promote the demonstration project findings and feed
up-scaling. In addition to involving the commodity value chain partners,
financial sector participation is foreseen. Once the preconditions have
been met we anticipate this will enable the development of specific
investment plans (notably for small holder replanting).

The workshop objective is to define fit model of FAIR to be demonstrated
in Pelalawan district, Riau province.

Specific Objectives
1. Sensitizing FAIR partnership model in Pelalawan district, Riau
2. Validating the FAIR model with partners for proper fit in the
local palm oil contexts.
- Which problems, which solutions come together in a landscape
- Who can contribute to change: Power and policy mapping.
3. Assessing good governance jurisdictional contexts and selecting
various partners (company, local government, community/CBOs):
- Scooping the quality/relevance of locations for demonstration
projects. Which criteria have been applied in the location we have in
scope for own projects so far? What makes a maximum “ideal crisis”? Which
minimum still provides sufficient opportunity?
- Determining roles and responsibilities for each actor.
- Analyzing potential risks and it strategy to mitigate.
4. Mapping CSO partners and capacity: Empowering CSOs, CBOs and
communities: Identifying, mobilizing and building local implementation
- Assessing their capacity building needs and other support needs.

Expected Results:
1. Collective understanding about FAIR initiatives;
2. Stakeholder mapping document;
3. Transformation model for four villages in Pelalawan district;
4. Clear description about role and responsibilities among
5. Multi stakeholder forum has developed. (consist: governments,
communities, and private sector).

Date and venue
The workshop will be conducted on August in Pelalawan, Riau on August 22th
- 23rd, 2017
Skills & Qualification
Job holder will specifically facilitate the workshop to define the fittest
model of FAIR which shall be piloting in Pelalawan district.
Professionally deliver the forum and meet the project’s learning
objectives and cover the project suggested topic areas as well as a
Develop lesson plans for each session and actively engage the participants
to assess problems and opportunities regarding to landscape approach of
FAIR Project.
Posses technical knowledge and experience in co-creation method and
familiar with palm oil value chain, preferably holding Master degree with
over 5 years of experience as a facilitator.
And by the end of the assignment, Develop a report of workshop learning
and evaluation for a better implementation of similar activities during
the FAIR Project.

Proposals are invited institutions or individual consultant who meet the
profile described above. The proposal should outline the consultant’s
profile (including their CV/resume(s)), proposed management arrangements,
and examples of previous work. Proposals must also include a clear
itemized budget. Any proposals that do not include an itemized budget will
not be considered.

If you believe that you possess these attributes then we would be
delighted to receive your application and portfolio electronically by Aug
14th, 2017 at the latest to with Proposal for FAIR
Workshop Facilitator as subject of your email.

Promotes equality and diversity

Oxfam works with others to overcome poverty and suffering.

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Registered office: Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 2JY.
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