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Hivos EoI : Consultant for Event Organizer for Sumba Iconic Islands Learning Event

Request for Expression of Interest

Hivos Southeast Asia is an International non-governmental organization guided by humanist values. It aims at structural poverty alleviation with a strong focus on civil society building and sustainable economic development. Hivos Southeast Asia provides financial support for local NGOs, is active in networking, lobbying and exchanging knowledge and expertise. For its Hivos Southeast Asia seeks qualified Indonesian candidates for the position of:

Title                        :  Consultant for Event Organizer for Sumba Iconic Islands Learning Event
Duty Station        :  Jakarta & Kupang, Indonesia
Duration               :  3 (three) weeks - Mid to End November 2018
Report to              :  Program Manager Green Energy

1.        Background
In 2010, Hivos started the Iconic Island initiative by choosing the Indonesian island of Sumba in East Nusa Tenggara as the ‘Iconic Island’. Sumba Iconic Island initiative (SII) aims to provide access to reliable renewable forms of energy to the population of this island, and in doing so, ending their dependency on fossil fuels and support development and economic activities of the local population. With years of experience working with partner organizations to establish access to sustainable energy in developing countries, Hivos is convinced that converting to sustainable energy while combining poverty reduction, is possible on a large scale. The results of the Iconic Island initiative should become an example for other parts of the world.
Currently, Hivos collaborates with the Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, which allows Hivos to rapidly scale up renewable energy access and income benefits by replicating the successful approaches and business models developed under our Sumba Iconic Island (SII) program. The collaboration aims to improve rural livelihoods through utilization of renewable energy in rural communities and to develop sustainable business models to create market (energy market and energy appliances market) of off-grid renewable energy technologies adopted.
Sumba Iconic Island demonstrates the inclusive access to energy both for process and result/impact, as well as providing examples of bottom-up energy provision strategy that has contributed to the best practice of sustainable energy in remote area and outer island.
To disseminate best practices during the project implementation and to share experiences with regard to the challenges and opportunities in providing access to small scale renewable energy for the people in Sumba, Hivos will conduct SII Learning Event. The SII Learning Event will bring together the stakeholders in renewable energy sector (policy makers, private sectors, organizations, academics, and other related stakeholder).

2.       Objective

Through a Learning Event, it is expected that the stakeholders in renewable energy sector-particularly in NTT Province-will gain better understanding on the opportunities and challenges in investing and implementing small scale renewable energy in rural areas, including strategies on how to develop capacities effectively and comprehensively in implementing social gender inclusivity in small scale renewable energy sector

3.       Timeframe

The period of this assignment will be starting from the 3rd week of November 2018 and shall be concluded no later than end of November 2018.

4.       Output

Event Organizer shall deliver the following outputs regarding the preparation, execution, and post of the event:
a.       Inception report: a report detailing the conceptual design of the SII Learning Event including the work plan, timeline, budget, venue, staffing, suppliers, etc.
b.       Final report: a report detailing the implementation of the event, including all documentation related to the event such as Minutes of Meeting, complete supporting document from participants (boarding pass and transportation receipts), and result of participants’ survey including the evaluation of the event and recommendation for Hivos.

5.       Required Experience

Hivos is seeking Event Organizer company with the following qualifications:
-         Proven experience in conducting similar event; a national event which collaborates high level officials;
-         Firms, institutions, or associations legally eligible to sign work agreement/contract;
-         Demonstrate strong expertise in managing and organizing high quality event with at least 200 participants including logistics management;
-         Excellent administration, budget management, organizational, and timely management skills;
-         Excellent team work with the ability to plan and prioritize assignment within the deadlines;
-         Wide and strong network with media;
-         Good understanding on the overall scope of work of the assignment; and
-         Preferably based in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara.

6..       Proposal Submission Form

The proposal shall contain the following:
  1. Technical proposal
Brief proposal which may not exceed 10 (ten) pages in length should set out:
-      Relevant capacities and experience to undertake the overall assignment
-      Work plan detailing all the major steps of the assignment and deadlines
-      Proposed personnel and role

  1. Financial quotation
A financial quotation should be submitted in IDR including VAT (Value After Tax).

7. How to apply?
Proposal will need to be submitted at the latest by 7 November 2018 at 5 pm West Indonesia time (WIB) in electronic format (.pdf) to:

Please put in the email subject: Event Organizer for SII Learning Event (Name of Consultant).

For more detailed Term of Reference (ToR) information please click the following link :

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