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Oxfam - Calling Consult for: Baseline Study - The Indonesian Women Leadership (I-WIL) project

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Oxfam is a global movement of people who won’t live with the injustice of
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build better lives for themselves. We speak out on the big issues that
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climate change. And we won’t stop until every person on the planet can
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All our work is led by three core values:
Empowerment. Everyone, from our staff and supporters to people living in
poverty, should feel they can make change happen.
Accountability. We take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves
accountable. We believe that others should also be held accountable for
their actions.
Inclusiveness. We are open to everyone and embrace diversity. We believe
everyone has a contribution to make, regardless of visible and invisible

Oxfam – Calling Consultant for:
Baseline Study - The Indonesian Women Leadership (I-WIL) project
(code: BS C0218)


I-WIL project is focusing on working with women and girls from the NTT and
NTB regions of Eastern Indonesia, one of the poorest regions in the
country. It will specifically address the most vulnerable groups of women
in Indonesia, including women with few economic opportunities, women with
a disability, and women and girls affected by violence.

The intended impacts are to ensure that women will have greater access to
and control of economic resources and opportunities and increased
household income. More women will be represented in political and
leadership roles at the community and village level. The performance and
influence of gender inclusive businesses (e.g. MSMEs or social enterprises
that have the potential to be women led, develop products and services
that benefit women, work in women value chains, or change social norms)
will be improved. The project will also work to shift harmful gender and
social norms in relation to gender equality, improve services and access
to justice for women and girls affected by violence, and support women’s
rights organisations and networks to have a strong voice on influencing
government policy and dialogue on issues of gender equality.

I-WILL project was re-designed from February to May 2018 to incorporate a
greater focus on women’s economic empowerment. A participatory process
which included staff from Oxfam in Indonesia, Oxfam Australia and
partners. The goal of the project is that by 2023, more women and girls in
Eastern Indonesia will be economically independent, participate in
decision-making that affects their lives, hold positions of leadership,
and live a life free from gender based violence.


1. Review and Finalize I-WIL project Indicators and ensure project’s
overall goal can be measured effectively
2. Conduct the Baseline Study including collecting data, data analysis and


The study will apply combined qualitative and quantitative approach
through secondary and primary data collection. Gender-sensitive approach
is compulsory in all stage of the studies. Alternative of methods are
in-depth interview, closed questionnaire, and FGDs with various
stakeholders on district, provincial levels and national level, community
groups, representatives of business and academic, etc. Capturing the voice
of young people, in particular women, is compulsory. Applicants should
outline in more detail the methodology, including proposed key research
questions. Clustering in GENDER – Increasing women’s voices in
decision-making, leadership and peace building, – Empowering women
economically and improving their livelihood security, – Ending violence
against women and girls at home, in their communities and in disaster and
conflict situations, DISABILITY – Inclusive education and infrastructure.
FOOD SECURITY and RURAL DEVELOPMENT – Improving rural livelihoods and

Sampling is taken from the population of 2 provinces; NTT (Kupang, TTS,
TTU) and NTB (Lombok Timur, Lombok Tengah) with the women population
around 750.000 people. The consultant should propose methodology,
including sampling method and target respondents.

The consultant is expected to form a team for the baseline study and
manage coordination and communication with Oxfam in Indonesia. Tasks and
responsibilities of the consultant are as follows:
1. Finalize project’s Indicators
2. Proposal that detailing the methodology, target respondents and budget
required to conduct the baseline study
3. Recruit, train and manage baseline study teams including enumerators
4. Propose tools to be used in the final evaluation research, including
sampling frame and quality control scheme and discuss the suggestion with
Oxfam in Indonesia
5. Develop a data entry system and management
6. Supervise field research implementation
7. Responsible for field operations, including logistics, permission to
conduct the research, informed consent from individuals and organization
taking part in the baseline study
8. Coordinate with I-WIL project team during field research implementation

9. Collect, compile and analyses all data (gender, disability inclusion
and age disaggregated) gathered and develop a final report on the final
evaluation results (including all findings and statistics).
10. To keep all information provided by Oxfam in Indonesia as well as the
findings of the Final Baseline Study confidential.

The study will be accomplished in a month, mid of Jan to mid of Feb 2019
in NTT and NTB.

The consultant is expected to produce and submit the following

1. Final Indicators to measure in Baseline Study
2. Study protocol specifying a detailed study work plan and proposed study
3. Data collection tools as per target groups
4. Initial findings and draft reports in Bahasa and English in two weeks
after field activities have been concluded to Oxfam in Indonesia for
discussion and feedback
5. Hard copies of filled-in questionnaires (if available), interview
transcripts and attendance lists, photos with informative subtitles and
other valuable study materials
6. Presentation on finding and recommendations in dissemination workshop
Submission of a comprehensive final report in Bahasa and English two week
after receiving feedback from Oxfam in Indonesia.

Applicant to propose the budget for the whole study implementation and
team in the proposal submitted to Oxfam

The Baseline Study has to be led by a high qualified research consultant
with strong capacity in conducting gender sensitive study. Consultant
interested in submitting a proposal should have the following criteria:
1. Possess equal composition of qualified academic background, knowledge,
experience and capacity to manage the study.
2. Excellent understanding and have an extensive experience in managing
studies on Gender including women leadership, women economic empowerment,
and VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls)
3. Good knowledge of the study areas, NTT and NTB
4. Understanding of project management structures and change management
5. Excellent in report writing, both in Bahasa and English
6. Experience of working with participatory methodologies
7. Has strong experience in disseminating research findings

1. Organizational Profile (for institutional consultant) or a CV (for
individual consultant).
2. Proposal containing two parts:
a.Technical Proposal comprising the description of proposed activities,
methodology (sampling design, data collection technique), and
implementation plan which includes study schedule and timeline for data
analysis. The technical proposal should demonstrate understanding of study
ethic, qualification of study team members and their CVs, as well as their
roles in the study. The consultant should also describe her/his experience
in conducting similar survey, and financial and technical capacity.
b. Budget Proposal comprising details of budget plan such as consultant
and team’s fees, transportation, stationeries and other survey
3. Sample of previous research or survey report
Seconds Step: Based on received proposals, Oxfam in Indonesia will
shortlist candidates and invite them to present their proposals. Oxfam in
Indonesia will afterwards proceed with selecting and appointing a
consultant. Only short-listed consultant will be contacted for

Oxfam in Indonesia shall be entitled to all copyrights, patents and other
proprietary rights and trademarks with regards to the product or documents
and other materials which bear a direct relation to or are produce or
prepare or collected in consequences of or in the course of the execution
of the contract.
All plans, report, recommendation, estimates, documents and data compiled
by the service provider under the contract shall be the property of Oxfam
in Indonesia and shall be treated as confidential. All confidential
documents shall be delivered to the relevant people within Oxfam in
Indonesia during the project duration and upon completion.

Expression of Interest
If you believe you are the candidate we are looking for, please do apply
by sending your complete application and required document as mentioned
above to and cc. to Please
mention the code of the position title (code: BS C0218) on the subject of
the email.

The closing date: December 25, 2018

Only short listed candidates will be contacted
We encourage women and people with disability to apply

Promotes equality and diversity

Oxfam works with others to overcome poverty and suffering.

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Registered office: Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 2JY.
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