Friday, January 4, 2019

KOICA Indonesia is looking for Indonesian Expert/Local Consultant to conduct Feasibility Study on the Environmental Protection Project –Jakarta & Bandung, Indonesia

Selection Criteria:
Position                                  : Indonesia Expert/Local Consultant                                                                                                                                             Division                                  : Environmental Protection                                                                                                                                                                 Project field                             : Jakarta & Bandung                                                                                                                                                                       Feasibility Study Period           : 14 – 18 January 2019                                                                                                                                                               Consultancy Working Period   : 7 Days                                                                                                                                                                                                   CV Submission Period             : 4—8 January 2019                                                                                                                                                                       Interview Period                       : 9 January 2019
General Description:

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is the official donor agency of the Republic of Korea, under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korean Government. The main objective of KOICA is to maximize the effectiveness of Korea's grant aid programs for developing countries by implementing the government's grant aid and technical cooperation programs, including for Indonesia. KOICA Indonesia Office was established in 1992. In Indonesia, KOICA Indonesia Office gives technical cooperation by conducting projects into four priorities main areas, which are: (1) Transportation (2) Governance, (3) Water Management; and (4) Environmental Protection.
The KOICA Indonesia Office is now looking for Indonesian Expert/Local Consultant to do consultation related to Project Preparation in the field of Environment Protection, for improving the quality of the future projects in Indonesia. 
The main objective of this FS is to develop and discuss technically the specific designs of the project content, and formalizing the FS result that will be the official recommendation to conduct the Implementation Survey..
The activities on FS are to assess the specific data and information regarding the project content details on PCP. By conducting the FS, KOICA and Korean experts will design specific contents for the project.. 
Main Responsibilities:
 The main responsibility of the local expert is to support KOICA Indonesia FS team in order to evaluate the project’s potential for success.
The specific responsibilities in three folds:
1)  Technical Support to the FS Team; compile the results of assessments; writing reports (in English)
2)  Reporting to the KOICA Indonesia Office on overall direction of the assessment of the FS
3)  Participating in discussions/meetings and site visits with related stakeholders.
Work Scope
 The scope of the work of local expert with respect to the activities for the implementation survey of new project in Energy/Environmental Protection project would comprise but not limited to the following:
1.   To collect in-depth information with respect to the demand of the Counterpart Ministries, the Institutions from Indonesia that proposed the 
2.   To compile the results of assessments; writing the FS Result (in English)
3.   To produce the necessary technical consultation, and feasible input which shall be utilize for the success of the project.
4.  Provide necessary data/statistical support in the analysis of data
5.   To make questionnaires for demand survey or interviews with related Government officials
6.   To join the meeting and site visits with the Ministries and the Institutions which are the counterpart of this project
7.   To write down detailed Minutes of Meeting from each meeting/site visits\
8.   To provide technical supports and advise to KOICA Indonesia, Korean Experts in document and correspondence preparation and follow- 
9.  To develop and finalize the PCP for the project
10.  To provide English-Indonesia translations for any related documents
11.   Provide any other support, as may be required by KOICA, in relation to the FS of the project.
Other Suggested Work:
The Local expert also expected to do a daily meeting with the KOICA Team for further discussions of progress. Additional tasks can be required in case of internal needs
Consultant Fee
Consultant Fee is based on KOICA’s regulation and according to UN Local Expert Consultancy Fee Standard. *Specific details would be negotiated
1.      Professional Degree: Preferably Master Degree in the relevant topic (Civil Engineering on Hydrology / Environmental Engineering on Water Resources Engineering and Management / International Relations, etc.) and Certificate/License. Bachelor degree will be considered if supported by experiences and recommendation letter.
2. Appropriateness for the field, Experience in completing analysis on studies for projects development (At least 3 years’ experience and demonstrated understanding in project planning and management).
4..      A proven donor-funded experience, demonstrating detailed orientation, proactive attention to outcomes and expectations and the ability to understand and effectively use information and data.
4.      Advanced writing skills in English, Language Proficiency (English and Local Language), etc.
5.      Personality: Dedicated, honest, motivated and loyal.
6.      Health: Physically and Mentally Fit to do the field checking, Well Work Coordination, etc.
7.      Other requirements: Extend knowledge and experienced of ODA Project is welcome but not essential, proficient of Microsoft Office (MS.Word, Power Point, Excel).
 The closing date for applications is  8 January 2019 Interested candidate should submit an application letter, updated CV, a list of references and recommendation letter (all documents must be in      English) by email to . Application without the letter will  not be accepted and only shortlisted candidate will be notified for interviews.

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