Thursday, February 16, 2017

RFP: Consultant for Fundraising Project leads Generation-Social Media

Term of Reference (ToR)
Consultant for Fundraising
Project leads Generation Social Media

1.      Background

Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik partner of Save the Children will launch a Telefundraising campaign to engage individual donor and has prepared a series of fundraising campaign which one of the techniques is using telemarketing that is proven a potential effective as a way to connect with donors. This telefundraising campaign will follow up or contact people who sign up through online campaign that publish in the social media or others online portal

2.      Objectives of the consultancy

To provide a leads generations campaign through social media campaign and provide potential data for those interest to support Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik partner of Save the Children campaign or appeals

3.      Specific Objectives (if any)

4.      Period of the consultancy
3rd April 2017 – 22 December 2017
5.      Methodology (if any)

6.      Detail of activities and timeline
15 Feb 2017 – 25 Feb 2017
27 Feb 2017 – 3 March 2017
6 March 2017 – 10 March 2017
14 March 2017 – 15 March 2017
20 March 2017 – 7 April 2017
10 April 2017
Publish for advertisement of program in public
Shortlist agencies Telemarketing
Selection Agencies / Procurement process
Agency selected
Contract and system preparation
Project start

7.      Expected Deliverables and Submission Date
1.     Generated 25,000 data in the specific project (April 2017 – December 2017) delivered timeline will be per month base on the agreement
2.     KPI’s of the leads generation social media project:
-       Campaign through social media
-       Providing data of supporter (name, email, phone/mobile, age and others relevant data) for age min 25-year-old
-       Able to do location base supporter
-       Provide a content marketing strategy
-       Data reporting base on the agree format
3.     Performance will be evaluated monthly base on the agree KPI’s to determine next month steps and improvements required to the services

8.      Proposal structure/requirement (if any)
9.      Criteria for the consultant selection based on competency and expertise or core and technical competencies
a.   Consultant or agency who specialized providing data by campaigning through social media platform (FB, IG, others)
b.        Has proven track record of success in doing online leads generation.
c.     Preferably has the experience of doing work with nonprofit.

10.   Submission deadline

Email to: with subject: Consultant for Fundraising-Social Media-(name of your company) before 25 February 2017 COB. For detail information, please visit the following link :

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