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Digital Communication Specialist position

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About the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

The role of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is to advance the interests of Australia and Australians internationally. This involves strengthening Australia’s security, enhancing Australia’s prosperity, delivering an effective and high quality overseas aid programs and helping Australian travellers and Australians overseas.

The department provides foreign, trade and development policy advice to the Australian Government. DFAT also works with other Australian government agencies to drive coordination of Australia’s pursuit of global, regional, and bilateral interests.

Australia and Indonesia have an effective development partnership that is boosting economic growth and tackling poverty, improving health and education outcomes, and strengthening democracy, justice and governance.

About Australia’s Development Partnership in Indonesia
The overarching goal of Australia’s development partnership with Indonesia is to boost inclusive growth and productive jobs by improving Indonesia’s competitiveness through strengthening the impact of Indonesia’s own resources. Three objectives will contribute to this goal:
• Effective economic institutions and infrastructure,
• Human development for a productive and healthy society
• An inclusive society through effective governance.

About the position
One of Australia’s development partnerships is the Australia Indonesia Partnership on Emerging Infectious Diseases (AIPEID). This program has been working since 2011 to build the capacity of the Indonesian Government’s animal health system to prevent, detect and control emerging infectious diseases, including diseases in humans that originate from animals. Improvements to animal health in Indonesia have economic benefits to Indonesia through increased profitability for production of food from animals and decreasing the impact of animal diseases (such as rabies, avian influenza, and brucellosis) on human health.

AIPEID is managed by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR). The AIPEID team is located in the Indonesian Ministry for Agriculture in Jakarta, and in the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. The program has been funded to continue until 30 June 2018. A focus of the program is to support the design, development, implementation and evaluation of activities on Indonesia’s national animal health information system, iSIKHNAS. For more information on iSIKHNAS, see:

The AIPEID program is seeking an enthusiastic and creative technical program officer with skills in digital communications. We want to improve iSIKHNAS user engagement, and enhance the accessibility and useability of animal health and production related data. We also want to inspire users to independently access and make use of the wide range of associated resources within iSIKHNAS. Users include animal health officers in central, provincial and district government, as well as farmers and other livestock workers.

iSIKHNAS, is one of the most advanced integrated animal health information systems in the world but users in the field need more support and obvious incentives to use the data for good decision-making and action. We want to improve overall engagement in this important work of thousands of staff working throughout Indonesia.

The successful candidate will be embedded within the Indonesian Ministry for Agriculture in Ragunan, Jakarta. They will be part of the government team responsible for managing the information system (the ‘iSIKHNAS Champions’) and work closely with AIPEID personnel, consultants and government counterparts.

The position is for a period of 12 months from the date of commencement. The position will work closely with the AIPEID Team Leader and the Senior Technical Program Officer. The key responsibilities of the position include:
• Collaborate with AIPEID program personnel and government counterparts to develop a clear digital communications strategy informed by a recent evaluation and government priorities and capacity and guided by resource availability.
• Propose, develop, and implement simple but effective strategies to significantly increase and enhance the diffusion of information available, for example, frontend website innovations (eg WordPress add-ons) and marketing-style automations.
• Design and implement a suite of creative, sustainable, and affordable techniques to improve the accessibility of information and resources and the visualisation and dissemination of available online data, including the creative use of Facebook, open forums, and specialist chat rooms.
• In close collaboration with epidemiologists and other data specialists, develop and implement novel and sustainable mechanisms to demystify data, attract users to its potential and demonstrate in practical terms how the good use of data can improve their work and outcomes for farmers and Indonesia’s animal health status.

• In collaboration with counterparts, write short articles, news stories, interest pieces of relevance to users as content for website and emails.
• Offer advice and support to staff in preparation for workshops, socialisation events and meetings.
• Transfer your skills to your counterparts while you work so that one or more can gradually take over the tasks you initiate, continue the work with confidence. At the end of the twelve-month contract it is hoped that the strategy and skills you have created and imparted can be carried on by counterparts.


• Minimum of 3 years on relevant and professional experience including extensive knowledge of and experience in digital communications, social media management, website content management and other.
• Higher degree in communications, IT, public relations, behaviour change, journalism or marketing. Science degrees with additional digital marketing experience will be considered.
• Demonstrated effective use of digital and social media tools in creative information dissemination services and behaviour change.
• Proven experience in producing and/or managing digital campaigns and creative information dissemination strategies.
• Outstanding communication skills (written and spoken) in Bahasa Indonesia.
• Confident spoken and written English language skills.
• Insightfulness and a real desire to get the best outcomes even with limited resources.
• Confidence, enthusiasm, and energy to bring about real behavioural change.

• Experience working with a widely dispersed and highly varied user base and an appreciation for rural Indonesia and the interests of rural communities.
• Experience in training and in producing materials for training, presentation, promotional and informative purposes.
• Knowledge of and experience in sciences, health, animal health or agricultural sector is preferred.
• Multidisciplinary skills including working with video, sound and image media.
• Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
• Have ability and willingness to work with limited supervision but with high levels of collaboration.
• Experience working in a multinational environment is preferred.

Please send your CV and cover letter to with subject: Digital Communication Specialist. Deadline for submission is 14 March 2017.

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