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OXFAM in Indonesia Vacancy: Head of Programme Quality and Partnership, based in Jakarta

Together we can end extreme poverty for good. Will you join us?

Oxfam is a global movement of people who won’t live with the injustice of
poverty. Together we save and rebuild lives in disasters. We help people
build better lives for themselves. We speak out on the big issues that
keep people poor, like inequality, discrimination against women and
climate change. And we won’t stop until every person on the planet can
live without poverty.

All our work is led by three core values:
Empowerment. Everyone, from our staff and supporters to people living in
poverty, should feel they can make change happen.
Accountability. We take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves
accountable. We believe that others should also be held accountable for
their actions.
Inclusiveness. We are open to everyone and embrace diversity. We believe
everyone has a contribution to make, regardless of visible and invisible

Oxfam in Indonesia represents the Oxfam International (OI) Confederation
through the Oxfam International Regional Platform (OI RP) for Asia,
supported by different Oxfam affiliates with dedicated roles. Oxfam in
Indonesia is aligned to and complements the global aspirations of the OI
Confederation as outlined in the Operational Guidelines for realizing
Oxfam’s 2020 Vision, and the Strategic Plan for the OI RP for Asia... The
Country Strategy for Oxfam in Indonesia acknowledges, responds and adapts
to new and evolving ‘drivers of change’ and the emerging context of
Indonesia as a ‘middle income country’.
As we progress our intentions, all of Oxfam Indonesia’s programming will
be informed and developed through a ‘partner-based model’ with the
aspiration to realize ‘An inclusive, sustainable and resilient Indonesia
in 2030’. Within this time frame, the Oxfam in Indonesia Country Strategy
2015 – 2020 vision of ‘People living equitably and free from injustice of
poverty, enjoy their rights, and are resilient in times of disasters’ will
still have relevance. Oxfam in Indonesia will bring about positive changes
and impact as measured by the ability of women and youth to overcome
inequality and realize their rights align with Oxfam’s goal of overcoming
poverty, vulnerability and inequality with a focus on women and girls.
Vision for Indonesia

Oxfam Indonesia has the vision that people in Indonesia will live
equitably and free from injustice of poverty, enjoy their rights, and are
resilient in times of disasters. By 2020, 2.5 million women and men in
Indonesia are empowered to overcome poverty, vulnerability and inequality.
Be part of a dynamic working environment.

Be part of a dynamic working environment. We are recruiting Programme
Quality and Partnership position under Oxfam one programme approach with a
real commitment to gender equality and International aid and development
background. This post will be based in Jakarta for fixed term contract
with possible extension.


Capabilities and competencies to for inculcating and maintaining a culture
of Programme Quality within the Oxfam Country Office in Indonesia. These
parameters of Programme Quality are defined by the Oxfam International
Programme Quality framework. The position will enable Oxfam’s work to be
delivered through a Partner Based Approach working with local
organisations and institutions. The core of the Partner Based Approach
will be built on long term relationships which have moved away from a
sub-granting model. These relationships will be based on shared vision,
mutual accountability and risk taking, respect, and agreed on commitments
to programme delivery. This position will enable Oxfam in Indonesia to
ensure a wide and relevant coverage of support to poor and marginalized
communities and households. Capabilities for technical and strategic
enablement contributing to enhanced programme quality s determined through
the management of effective programme reviews. Works with and maintains
synergistic relationships with Programme Management, Programme Support and
the Funding functional units. Able to contribute to Country Office level
strategic and operational decisions. Demonstrates core competencies of
mutual accountability, listening, and humility.

Contribute, as a member of the country management team, to the successful
leadership and management of Oxfam in Indonesia. Provide leadership to
Oxfam’s programme in Indonesia through supporting and sustaining a culture
of ‘programme quality’ and effective partnerships. Develop and support
implementation of Oxfam in Indonesia’s quality and partnership strategy to
secure added value to Oxfam’s partners in working through the Partner
Based Approach model. With 60% - 70% of Oxfam’s work implemented through
a Partner Based Approach, ensure programme staff and partners can access
and use specialised advisory services and tools for monitoring,
evaluation, accountability and learning, strengthening programme quality
and partnership quality, and knowledge and information management. Ensure
commitment to programme quality is reinforced in working with external
programme partners, networks and consortia as well in relationships within
Oxfam and teams across the organisation. Ensure Oxfam International’s
programme standards and key programme quality performance indicators are
met, and approaches that lead to learning, and good knowledge management
are implemented. Ensure Oxfam in Indonesia has the adequate levels of
‘organisational wisdom’ required for staying relevant to its operational

1. Contribute to the leadership and governance of the organisation as
a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT).
· Contribute to developing and delivering Oxfam’s Country Strategy
and implementation plan, taking action as required through the Programme
Quality and Partnerships Function to support its successful
2. Develop appropriate strategies and interventions that strengthen
the quality of Oxfam’s programme work and its reputation.
· Utilise business information and feedback to assess current
strengths and address any gaps in practice and policy.
· Develop and ensure implementation of the Programme Quality
· Drive revision of project cycle management to ensure Oxfam’s
programme work is progressive and reflective of best practice and adopts
appropriate innovations and thinking.
· Ensure the process of learning from programme work, research and
best practice is institutionalized.
· Ensure systems and processes are established or regularly reviewed
to strengthen programme quality and partner capabilities.
3. Partner Development and Relationship Management
· Coordinate and lead on effective mapping and assessment of current
and potential partners for compatibility and programme delivery, and
management of associated risks and liabilities to fulfil Oxfam’s
commitment to its localisation agenda (in conformity to government
mandated regulations).
· Assess areas of interest and of common vision for mutual
capability development and effective synergies.
· Participate and contribute effectively to networks and other
issue-based platforms and forums.
· Keep the relevant stakeholders and regulatory institutions
informed of Oxfam’s relationships with local organisations.
· Ensure Partnership Principles and Commitments are integral to,
established and maintained within Oxfam’s ‘Partner Based Model’ for
Indonesia and in keeping with the OI Confederation’s guidance for ‘Working
Better and Differently with Others’.
· Undertake agreed upon external and internal coordinated
initiatives required for meeting programmatic and operational mandates.
· Ensure Oxfam’s Partnerships are appropriate, relevant, and agile
in achieving outcomes against agreed upon joint strategies.
· Ensure the following foundational elements of programme quality
are met through people, systems and appropriate ‘ways-of-working’:
§ Inclusive design
§ Systems and process to manage information, knowledge, learning and
assessing programme performance through established KPIs
§ Understanding knowledge management, its retention and utilisation
to sharpen programme focus areas and organisational impact
§ Impactful induction and orientation of new staff and other
stakeholders as relevant
§ Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL)
§ Social accountability
§ Ensuring fair and equitable use of equity of data utilisation and
outcomes which respects and protects the rights and dignity of programme
participants and Partners.
§ Ensuring the use of digital technology to create awareness of
rights and entitlements, and hold duty bearers accountable
· Ensure cross-cutting elements of Rights Based Approaches (RBA are
adopted within projects/programmes and MEL approaches), Influencing and
Gender are integral elements of all of Oxfam’s work
· Ensure Projects/Programmes can demonstrate `evidence-based impact’
with a special focus on the realisation of Women’s Rights and those of
other priority groups and individuals.
· Support inclusive design through partnership approaches informed
by women, community members, and households.
· Ensure systems are in place, which include relevant indicators to
assess and demonstrate realisation of rights, especially by women.
4. Manage the performance of the programme function.
· Ensure staff is clear about expectations and is supported to
develop and perform well, ensuring any poor performance issues are
addressed swiftly and professionally when required.
· Manage the programme function budget to ensure spending is within
limits and delivers the planned returns.

· Ability to operate strategically and be credible and effective in
a leadership role
· At least 7 years of relevant experience, competent in
understanding what influences programme quality
· Proven analytical skills and the use of these to forward plan,
problem solve and make decisions in complex scenarios
· Proven communication, coordination and representational skills
sufficient to engage staff, drive change and influence external audiences
· Financially competent and with good people management skills and
· Good organisational skills and ability to work to deadlines and
manage time well. Ability to innovate and share learning.
· Able to build strong and respectful relationships
· Demonstrable behavioural competencies related particularly to
relationship building, systemic thinking, listening, mutual
accountability, enabling others, and humility (see below)
· Strong interpersonal awareness including diplomacy, tact, being
able to work effectively with others; cultural sensitivity and commitment
to addressing inequalities in the workplace and the programme.
· Fluency in written and spoken English
· Computer literate – able to use Word, Excel, the Internet,
databases and email.


If you believe you are the candidate we are looking for, please do apply
by sending your complete resume and mention the code of the position on
the subject of the email to jakarta@oxfam.org.uk

The closing date: January 10th, 2019

Only short listed candidates will be contacted
We encourage women and people with disability to apply

Oxfam promotes equality and diversity

Oxfam works with others to overcome poverty and suffering.

Oxfam GB is a member of Oxfam International and a company limited by guarantee registered in England No. 612172.
Registered office: Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Cowley, Oxford, OX4 2JY.
A registered charity in England and Wales (no 202918) and Scotland (SC 039042)

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